A Garden of Delights

To Give or not to Give

Posted on: July 31, 2009

As I was starting the blowtorch this morning for my breakfast, I realized that a lot of people in this world still act like little children when it comes to sharing. This isn’t to say they are ungenerous. If anything, most people I’ve seen give freely of themselves to the point it hurts other aspects of their lives.

But that is the problem. They GIVE. They share as an act of personal benevolence, but very few are willing to receive in return. I could imagine a thousand reasons why, from the possibility that one feels the pleasure they receive from giving is more than payment enough to wanting to know there is a favor in waiting for a real need.

Most anyone I’ve met wants to feel as if their contribution means something. That’s the reason for these blogs, the reason for the thousands of people who join in walks to raise money for cancer research, Alzheimer’s and so on. (And before I go too far on a tangent, let me say, that I completely guilty as charged of all written above. I would much rather give than receive, and I HATE being told what I should give. To me, there is joy in giving–the joy of discovering something that will make another person smile and seeing that joy in their face. For me, it’s a hunt and victorious kill.)


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