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Posted on: September 29, 2009

I’ve been having a bit of a One Note festival this morning. I love the program in many ways, though I have the same problem with it that I have with any other tool that is designed to help one organize their life. I can’t use Daily Planners at all. At least One Note has a “search notebooks” function that lets me place my rather arbitrary mental tags where they make sense to me.

I tried Word Perfect Lightning since I have been a die hard WP 5.1 fan for as long as I’ve owned a computer. But like many of Corel‘s attempts to bring the DOS version crowd into the age of GUIs, I found it lacking. It did much of what I wanted, but it just wasn’t “there” for me. Which one might find odd, since I am regularly annoyed at the inability (or rather my personal laziness about making a few WP Macros) of 5.1 to convert files to RTF and similarly powerful formats or handle more than two open documents at a time.

But getting back to One Note…. Perhaps it comes from the insanity of Microsoft’s all-encompassing vision of modern computing that what was once a side project for MS Office™ could help me bring a bit of order to my story worlds. It’s a blessing and a curse. Now that I can sort my curiosity into neat little pockets, it means I need to do something with all the stuff I’ve found and created!

Not yet though. I have another twenty or so notebooks full of stuff to add to One Note. =)


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