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An Ever Tightening Spiral of Inanity

Posted on: February 17, 2010

Inanity seems to be spreading.  I keep trying to sort through all the twaddle and detritus that had taken over my daily affairs, but the more I clear, the more I find.  Quicksand of the mind….

I just finished an amusing jaunt through Dustin Curtis‘s Blogzine–a fun place to spend some time and consider design issues.  I also have been spending far too much of my energy studying NYS vaccine law and what the requirements are for possibly getting an exemption.

Ah, yes…  I hear it now.  She’s one of THOSE people.  Well, not really.  I’m not categorically against vaccines;  I just have watched my son have reactions two times now that increased in severity each time, and I would like to avoid a worse reaction.  The problem?  Well, my son goes to preschool, he LOVES preschool, and without a medical exemption (his reaction wasn’t labeled as “severe enough” to warrant not giving him the full spectrum of vaccines at his next appointment), it’s pretty much an all or nothing situation.  All vaccines and admission in school…or no vaccines and possibly no admission in school.  And as I said, I’m not against vaccines in general.

To top it all off, I don’t like the “one size WILL fit all” mentality that is part of vaccination.  The CDC and the American Academy of Pediatrics likes to play the benefits outweigh the risks, but as a friend of mine could tell you, being the 1 out of the 1 in a 1 million still sucks.   And I’m selfish enough (and, according to some, immoral enough) to think I want my son to not suffer, even if it might mean someone else might someday suffer for it.  But then, this is the not-quite 4year old who just came up to tell me he is an “ent-to-mologist: that means I study insects, Mommy”, taught me the 4 extra letters in the Spanish alphabet versus the English one, can do his multiplication tables up to 12×14, and likes to tell us what fraction of pizza or pie he has gotten…

And throughout all this, I’m still working on my various character sections of Courting the Swan Song.  Lately I’ve been trying to merge Atyr and ‘Listii’s stories.  The weaving of these two characters is both pivotal and intense, as well as a bit hard to picture, since they spend so much of their lives being controlled (directly) by others.  Yet whenever I try to imagine a break from their stories by writing about Alanii, the story gets harder to visualize.  I see Alanii as the man he’s become, not the youth he was (-is- in CTSS), as Kieri’s counter in Release, a man already weary and jaded by all he’s seen and done.  His POV should be easier than the other two, yet he’s the one I can’t get close to anymore.

Ah, well…  Pen to paper time.


5 Responses to "An Ever Tightening Spiral of Inanity"

I wonder to what extent the worries about vaccination are a function of the rise in mistrust of governmental institutions. This isn’t always unwarranted, of course. But the corporation is really the problem, not government, although we’ve gotten used to laying everything at its feet. That, too, is useful to the corporation as a distraction.

I’m sure a lot are. I do know that at times I wonder if our government is a beast that can’t be fed. But in general, I really don’t feel that vaccination is a bad idea. I do think that it is becoming a bit too much of a “catch all” solution to human disease. But that doesn’t make it something that shouldn’t be explored and developed.

nice Eden..good to hear your thoughts

how so I get on the blog list?

twitter link?

Don’t really have a blog link, though there is an RSS feed that you can use in a lot of browsers:

Haven’t explored Twitter much yet. I know I probably should given Peter’s antics and some of the stuff going on in publishing. I’m such a slug…. Still using outdated software and a pen and paper for my stories… =)

lol some of the remarks bloggers post certainly are a bit spacey, from time to time i wonder whether these people really read the pieces of article and threads before giving a comment or whether they merely gloss over the post title and write the very first ideas that pops into their mind. either way, it is actually useful to read sensible commentary from time to time in contrast to the exact same, old opinion which i usually notice on the net.

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