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A New Year, A New Perspective

Posted on: January 9, 2012

Or really, a new take on an old one….

Short post here.  Just stopped in to say, that some of the things that were really making it difficult to maintain this blog have been bright back into the light, and in doing so, made me realize how much less they bothered me now.  For example: this post, which was my very first one here, somehow caused a lot of grief and heartache at the time.  I actually hid the post for well over a year, intending to someday go back to it.  Since procrastination didn’t help motivate me, Fate decided to act up and take a hand.

I think when we first start a new process–any new process, be it blogging or parenting or schooling or even collecting cat fur–we are fragile.  We feel the need to assure the world of the wisdom of our choices.  Instead of just living (them) as best we can and letting our success (or failures and experience) speak for us, we speak more adamantly of how right this thing we are doing is for us.  We often point out our early successes to others (those tricky achievements on the learning curve where every single thing seems to just work out right: there are no headaches or car repairs or grumpy tellers at the bank) as the reason that this thing isn’t just right for us… but that “Hey, you should do it too!”

We’re basically idiots.  I don’t mean that in a bad way either.

I was reading a post the other day about a mother’s dislike for the colloquial use of “retarded”.  I understand what she means.  In reading the comments though, I also had to agree with the commenter who said that calling people who use the word “‘retarded’ to mean ‘stupid’ were idiots” showed a touch of hypocrisy on the part of the blog writer.  A big comment debate, of course, ensued with most people arguing that “idiot” wasn’t a medical diagnosis.  Problem is…it used to be.

And to go further back in history, it simply meant “ignorant, uneducated person“.  The newer definition of a “stupid or foolish person” almost seems like we are (slightly) turning back the calendars at least if you ignore the fact that that is the second use, not the first.  The first, the common use, is labeled offensive and actually reads as:

1.usually offensive: a person affected with extreme mental retardation

Just to make it clear…  I’m using definition two (–actually I am using the original definition, but…).  And I am applying to myself as well as anyone else.  There is a reason newbies sometimes have trouble in online forums (granted, this problem is becoming less common, both as people are by and large becoming more tech savvy and as there is more available help out there).  When we are new and excited by all the great things we’ve discovered…we do a horrible thing: We try to share.  And share.  And share….

Eventually we get to a different place in our lives.  I’m starting to get there.  Starting…

And on that note, and in a spirit of complete disclosure….  I leave you with two idiots (myself and an old friend) with a webcam.

I really don't remember what I said now...

SOMETHING made Laurie laugh

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Kiss Kiss

Look Mom, it's a diseased ilk!

Look Mom, it's a diseased ilk!

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