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A New Challenge Takes Over

Posted on: January 22, 2012

First off, let me say a very warm welcome to everyone who chose to click that little “Follow” button–old friends and new:  Evan at The Better Man Project, Coral Russel at the Alchemy of Scrawl, Elizabeth Anne Mitchell at Leavekeeping, Shan Jeniah Burton,  Janeen at Words By Design, Natasha Guadalupe at My Novel Writing Adventures & Other Words, Miss Elsie at bowerdiaries, and Studio Brow.  Thank you!

Today I’m mostly in the mood to talk about books.   I just started one you see–Knees Up, Mother Earth by Robert Rankin.  I’m not sure why…I think it was because it was the only thing on my immediate shelves that called itself fiction, at least without me having to get out the key for my paperback collection.  (I use and old VHS tape cabinet for most of my paperbacks; CDs go in the doors; it’s an odd system, but it works for me).  I don’t have a lot of fiction anymore.  When we moved to our present house, I weeded down my book collection to my few favorites and the books I assumed I would need for research.  I thought I would use the local library more than I have.  I used University of Albany‘s library and the Albany Public Library regularly when I lived there.  It didn’t work out, and that’s a long story in itself.  Suffice it to say, I understand the passion books can incite in one, but a librarian should be more welcoming of the idea that people may want to actually taken them off your shelves and look at them; and the library should be open more hours than two days a week for three hours in the afternoon (that actually has changed in the ten years we’ve been here, but habits have become what they are, and I tend to get my books from other places now).

I have even started (but haven’t gotten too far) in a movie, courtesy of a friend on Facebook who is something of a film buff.  In posting youtube clips of songs he liked, he posted Take On Me by a-ha.   My friend also posted info about the French movie it was based on called Orpheé by Jean Cocteau.  Though last week you could watch it in ten parts on Youtube, complete with subtitles, it has been pulled from the site now.  I have to say, I’m not inspired to spend the over $50 US dollars to get myself a used copy of the movie(s…  there are three of them) just to watch it once.  So now I am searching again for something new to add to my 50/50/Me  movie selections.  If you have a suggestion that has really delighted or inspired you, please feel free to suggest it.  I’m not good at this sort of thing, as you can see.

As I noted last week, I have decided to take on a new reading challenge as well. Called the Telling Tales Reading Challenge 2012, it involves the reading of fairy tales and myths (including modern translations/versions of them).  Good for me that I have a five year-old son…and equally good that I committed myself to reading 50 novel length books by the end of the year (including short story compilations).  Since I’d like to explore further than just the books I’ll be sharing with Marcus, I have elected to join for the Mix n Match at 25 novels.  The rules are flexible enough that I shouldn’t have too much trouble making that work.

Using our  evening bedtime ritual for the past week, I’ve shared some un-bowdlerized Grimm’s Fairy Tales as well as couple Native American legends…  Most are small enough, given that the print is small and they don’t have pictures that we should be able to cover two, maybe three a day.  Marcus certainly seemed to enjoy these as much or more than a lot of his regular books.

English: This image outlines the basic path of...

Image via Wikipedia

Of course, I will be supplementing my 50/50/Me to complete the rest.  It’s also part “writing research”.  With so many people in ROW80 talking about the Hero’s Journey by Joseph Campbell and trading links to various  writing sites that dissect and study Campbell’s work and observations, I thought it might be good to see this “journey” in practice.  Not that all the dissections are good ones….   I can understand that.  Writing isn’t a pattern for most people, even those who outline compulsively.  But the stories that stand the test of centuries of retelling…  There is something interesting to be said for exploring that pattern in its most basic form–as the stories themselves.

So, I will keep you all up to date as I progress along my own “Reader’s Journey”.  Have a great week!


3 Responses to "A New Challenge Takes Over"

Your telling tales reading challenge made me think of Wicked. I read it a few years ago and it was awesome. I loved the twist on the story, gave us a different look on the wicked witch. I have yet to see the stage play, hopefully that happens before it stops running. I think I’ll check out the challenge.

Happy reading!

Cool! What a great idea, Janeen. I’ve been listening to the Broadway soundtrack for Wicked a bit lately, yet I’d have never thought of that. Thanks for the suggestion.

Happy reading to you too, though I can’t take any credit for the challenge. Alberta Ross (another ROWer) introduced me to it too)

Great week Eden! I’m liking this thanking new followers so many rower’s seem to be including in their check-in’s lately, I may have to add that to mine, I think it’s nice to let our readers know we appreciate them! Hope you have a great week 🙂

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