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Wow! What a (glorious) day!

Posted on: January 29, 2012

I have a confession to make.  I stood up a dear friend today.  I didn’t mean to.  I was supposed to go over to his house and hang out with the people in his Changling LARP that is being held at his house (at this minute still at 9:45pm).  Instead, I ended up spending the whole evening writing and posting pages here.

I feel guilty, but then again, I don’t.  After having tried to get my head around writing the photography pages I wanted to make for almost two weeks, I finally had enough pieces together to actually have a go at writing them.  I admit, I’ve only finished two of the pages–Photography and Inspiration and So You Thought Porn Was Bad…— but I have a good start on the next one and all my information gathered for the last one.  I even managed to work in a piece of flash fiction for Chuck Wendig’s The Present Tense challenge.

Not too bad for an afternoon/evening of pantsing it (in the writing sense, not this way).

Of course, that means that I don’t have much to say in this post except note the progress I’ve made for my Telling Tales 2012 check-in.  (Well, technically I have plenty I could say, but none of it has anything to do with the Telling Tales challenge.  Nor would any of it make much sense at the moment.   Suffice it to say that after I finish this set of photography-related posts, I will have enough to keep me plenty busy enough.)

Childhood Treasures

Childhood Treasures

Actually I can’t make any great claims to progress on the challenge.  My husband has taken a few extra nights lately reading the bedtime stories to our boodle boy, and for several of the nights our son has chosen poems and not the longer stories for his bedtime selections.  Add to that our all being sick, I count every step I made as progress.  So when I read two more Grimm’s fairy tales from my unabridged version and found a wonderful piece of flash fiction from the comments on Chuck Wendig’s Photo challenge last week, I intend to count them.  Maybe not as complete works, but certainly three more short works toward my end goal.

My own piece for the photo-challenge I posted by mistake at my process blog Many Worlds From Many Minds.  I’d meant to post it here as I had last week.

And rather than give away the actual story that I’m counting as part of my Mix n’ Match, I’ll just send you to Intellectual Blathering for a delightful short by Jennifer L. Davis.

And an almost shameless plug for my longtime friend, Shan Jeniah Burton and her first flash fiction piece: My Very First Fash Fiction Challenge.  It’s hard to try new things.  I know that very well.


7 Responses to "Wow! What a (glorious) day!"

Thanks for the mention, and link…that was unexpected, and really sweet, and so very, very you. =)

But I will confess that what I really love is that sweet picture of Marcus’ bed. I like that our lives have kind of blended together that way, with bits of you guys living here, and bits of us living there. Something about that (really not aesthstically-pleasing-to-me afghan Miah picked for Lise when he was still 2, and she was brand new, and knowing how much it has been treasured there while largely ignored here, makes me profounding grateful…..

Somewhere, there’s a phrase I’ve heard:

“Parted from me, but never parted,
Never and always
Touching and touched.”

I think you are attached to my soul’s elbow. Or something like that. Hell, you KNOW what I mean. I love you all, and maybe don’t stop often enough to count the many blessings you are, have been, and ever shall be…….

You brought me joy that words aren’t capturing today. You warmed my soul and shined it up.

And I love you.

By whatever name you choose, from all the years –

It took me so long to reply to this because my head seemed to never be in the “right place” Too scattered, too tired, too icky… But today, working with the 2pm #ROW wordmongers, I realized, it doesn’t matter. There may never be a “right place”, there is just this place. And btw, I’m glad that you are part of “this place” as imperfect is it is too.

You’re welcome for the mention, Shan. I know how hard it was for me to post my first flash fic pieces. I have Sharon and L.S. to thank for the early boosts I needed there. And a bit to Chuck Wendig too. His page is a hoot and he’s wonderful about encouraging people to try things they normally wouldn’t.

I’m glad the picture made you happy. It does me too. And he sleeps with that blanket every night except for VERY rare occasions. Crochet is the thing with Marcus (at least it seems to be).

Attached to the soul’s elbow…” Now that is an absolutely AWESOME line. I fully intend on stealing it with due abandon. (and due credit, of course)

Much love!

PS: how did you guess I was still trying to find my “name”?

❤ More when I am awake…….

Thank you very much for the link and recommendation!

You’re very welcome, Jennifer. It was the least I could do to show my own appreciation.

Oh wholly cow.. you did a lot. Honestly, I’ve had to do the same with some friends and even family. Writing has become that important to. In a way when I’m happy doing some of the things I want to do then I’m healthier and better friend and family member. BTW your flash fiction is great!!

Thanks, Natasha. Sometimes it just seems like things are waiting and waiting to come together and then suddenly, everything needs to be done “right now”. I’m glad I have incredibly understanding friends…and family.

And thanks for the vote of confidence on the flash fiction. I’m not quite sure how I feel about it as “work”, but it certainly gives me inspiration for bigger stories. And I think it’s rather cathartic as well. Of course, I happen to love your stuff (especially your poetry)… so mutual happy! 😀

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