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Posted on: February 16, 2012

Everything about domain names

Everything about domain names (Photo credit: Emilie Ogez)

A lot of bloggers I follow have done two things: one. I’m not sure I should do and the other, I’m sure I should but fear starting because I’m notoriously bad when it comes to schedules and stress (as in chaos, then burnout…). But it seems to me that there’s a good reason to do these things.  Or at least there must be to many people.

The first is buying a domain name. The biggest reason I hesitate is money. We need a car and it would nice to have some fun this year too. Marcus wants to go back to both Montreal and New York City. Plus we have family trips that need making and the Northeast Unschooling Conference to explore (first time). So the money has a place already… even just a $20.

But the biggest issue is that our present internet provider won’t allow us to run any kind of web server here (and has made no attempt to return my calls or emails about actually setting up such a service…). And I’m not sure how WordPress wants things run. Do they continue to host these pages? And do I want to spend money on just a name, when (for more money, granted) I could go to the wonderful people over at SFF.net that I’ve dealt with for years and get not only a domain name, but a full hosting setup (with WONDERFUL tech support, btw… there is a reason I’ve kept my email and such there since 1996). So, I’m curious as to the opinions of people who’ve made this jump. Please, let me know why you did or didn’t buy your own domain name and how your pages are being run now.

On the other hand… I know I should start scheduling my blog posts. Having some consistency can only help make this a pleasant experience for everyone. But how much is too much, I wonder. I wanted to keep to one post a week last year and couldn’t manage it. This year, I’m doing better (the regimen of the ROW80 challenge is certainly helping me there), but after the check-in posts and the few photography pages I’ve set up it feels overwhelming most days to get an actual “post” done. And as for fresh writing on my WiPs? Not happening unless I word print with the ROWers on Twitter or ignore my family. And I’m afraid I do that too much as it is.

So what do you find is the best balance? Do you prefer longer posts once a week with lots of info? Short sweet pieces that you see every day (like the WordPress version of Facebook and Twitter)? Do you find that you’re spending far too much time staring at the monitor and your kids are learning to type along with you? 😉


4 Responses to "Need Help Deciding"

I like the domain name… I chose to do this upfront so I can link to my blog just using bipolarmuse.com instead of the drawn out wordpress address. I also paid for privacy because anyone can look up your information otherwise. I know I put my picture up and am not too discrete with who I am, but I don’t want possible future employers able to find my site and judge me solely on that.

As far as how often to post, I would try daily. I attempt to but I know that is not always possible. The more often you post the better for your followers, and for search engines to pick up your content (if that is important to you). 🙂
Hope some of this helps. ♥

It does help. Thanks, Muse. Though, if you don’t mind me asking… how seamless (or not) was the movement of everything? Thanks in advance.

Glad you are talking about this. I’ve been actually mulling this over myself. I want to do two things: Buy my name to get ride of the wordpress and then I want to transfer my entire blog to a domain wordpress.org. I want more flexibility with the design and ability to install a more accurate statistics program. The views amount is not a true number of how many separate unduplicated visits you get per day. Not that is really important for me right now but I do want the flexibility to redesign my site.

Oy Vey….Re: Scheduling blog posts. I have a good schedule for my Tumblr and WordPress… but I have’t kept up with it.. I guess that means its not a good schedule then. Honestly I don’t think so. I’ve just been wrapped up in my story that I kind of fallen behind. I think what works well is:

*Scheduling the type of post you want to put up each day or during the week. For example you may want to do 1 heavy post with a lot of content ie: your story (WHICH IS AWESOME) and then 1 light post shorter post on other things.

*Know the days that are ideal for online reading. Know the traffic for your blog and others that are similar. For example Sundays from 10-3pm then again from 7-10pm. Fridays nights always seem to be crappy, unless you put up a really late post. The only reason why I have an idea about best days and times is because of my job. I used to do email blasts for events and fundraising. So you learn never put up a post on Monday at 9am. You should wait until 10am after everyone has gone through all the junk emails and work emails and begins to really read and look at things. (this is important when your subscribers tend to get email notices when you post)

I think what’s most important that its flexible enough for you and maintains an consistent variety for your readers (if that kind of thing matters to you)

But then what do I know, I just started blogging last October for the first time in my life LOL!!

Ooh! You brought up some really good specs on what happens with the stats–none if which I knew before. Sounds like I need to spend some more time thinking about all the fiddly bits before I make the jump if I do.

As for scheduling… I know in my heart I am not up for a daily post, especially while I’m juggling three blogs (I really only wanted one, but listened to the wrong advice and kind of feel locked in). I like you two post a week idea with one long, one shorter… And I’m glad you like the story. (I’m also glad you told me about your job experience here, since I’d had the next segment scheduled for 9am next Tuesday…will fix that.)

So how are you doing? Any more poetry up for me to read? (because it’s all about me, after all… 😉 )

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