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Upcoming and Addressing

Posted on: February 29, 2012

“Knowledge is learning something every day. Wisdom is letting go of something every day.”

–Zen Proverb (unattrib)

Eight of Cups Thoth

Eight of Cups Thoth

A bit of an information dump for the day..  So many things have happened, and so much new is occurring, it seems wise to put some of it out there.  And to force my hand, since I do seem to be a Mistress of the 8 Cups (in this sense, for an even better interpretation, imho) and sometimes need to have something engraved in stone before I get it done.


Number One

…on the short list, is announcing my very first guest blogger will be featured on my page next Monday (March 5).  Back at the beginning of this month, I was invited to do a guest piece on Elaine Stock’s blog “Everyone’s Story” and now Elaine has graciously returned the favor, writing a lovely piece on inspiration and the young writer.  I hope you will come and meet this very sweet lady and share some of your own thoughts with her (and myself).

And if you are interested in doing a guest piece, please feel free to contact me via email at mouse(at)sff(dot)net or @Kymele on Twitter

Number Two…

Book reviews!

When Borders closed all of its retail outlets last summer, I did what any sane bibliophile would do with a fistful of gift cards that were about to become useless plastic and filled out the stacks of “to read later” books that set around my house to capacity and beyond. And with encouragement from my poor, suffering husband and a few reading challenges, slowly, I’ve worked my way through them.  Recently I have finished two books on my Bookmarks list and am preparing reviews of them for posting here.

So keep watch…

Number three…

Princess of Cups--Thoth

Princess of Cups--Thoth

Just a mood thing…  Next time you go out to dinner, give your waiter or waitress some “Happy Customer Luv”.  They really are amazing people.   Whenever I get the chance to chat with my servers, I do.  It’s always a great conversation.  So here’s a bit of a “Thank You” to all those very nice people who’ve brought me yummy (and often bad for me) food, smiled even when tired and had a lot of things to stress about, and in general made my world a bit broader and more interesting!

2 Responses to "Upcoming and Addressing"

=) I just like this. In lots of ways. Your break was clearly renewing!

I’m glad you liked it. Of course, you and an amazing (and cute) waiter today inspired the last part…. I think I almost got the poor guy in trouble with his boss because of all the book discussion we ended up doing.

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