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Pausing for the Week

Posted on: April 24, 2012

The Many Worlds Interpretation

The Many Worlds Interpretation (Photo credit: EJP Photo)

Today would normally be Book Review Monday.  I’m behind in my writing.  Sorry.  Life has been a bit more “interesting” of late than I expected it to be….in a good way.

So this is instead a little news post.

I’m going back to college.  After years (literally) of considering the pros and cons of going back to school for something that I feel quite passionate about but felt unready for, I decided I will be going back to school for Psychology.  It’s all part of the joy I gather in learning about people, trying to help people, and just learning in general.

Next, be prepared for a change in both design and format of this blog as it becomes my primary and I work to slowly retire Many Worlds.  You may see posts here that seem to have little to do with this blog’s general theme as I port all my older posts over.  They aren’t that alien in truth.  Writing, creativity, passion…  Here or there, I have always strove to experience and share them.

Tachycineta bicolor English: A Tree Swallow in...

And I will be sharing all of these things here….

For the moment though, let me share with you an image of a little guy (not him exactly, since his brief time with me was spent being held and nursed, not with cameras flashing at him) who shared my morning with me today.  Not of his choice exactly.  I’m sure he thought he had more time than he did as he tried to swoop in front of our car.

Did you know that it’s believed that tree swallows were once considered a sign of good fortune for seamen?

3 Responses to "Pausing for the Week"

This is famtastic. Way to follow a passion and believe in yourself!

I am happy that if that sparrow had to find a car; he found yours. Who will love a little sparrow?

You will.

Hope you’re feeling all better soon….and I will be thinking the best for your new venture! =)

As always, my love goes with you.

Oh how could I have forgotten the song Sparrow in context of today… Thank you for reminding me. (He was such a sweet little guy, kept trying to nestle near my neck instead of the box and blankets we gave him. he was comfy there, at least I like to think that.)

Passion seems to be being raised daily of late. I’m still trying to absorb the power of Saturday evening and Sunday… WOW!

Love you! And thank you. ❤

This was a nice pause in my day! Thanks for sharing! ; )

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