A Garden of Delights

Posted on: January 8, 2013

Lots of people post buckets lists–here’s a list of dreams I have from time to time–Caro must have read my mind.

Caro Field Author

One of the most famous spaces in the Small Hermitage in the Winter Palace in St. Petersburg is the Pavilion Room (Catherine the Great’s dining room). You approach it via a huge flight of stairs, The Jordan Staircase. This was clearly designed to intimidate, and to overawe. It sweeps up extravagantly to the next floor in two directions, creating a natural stage at the top. 


The Pavilion Room was designed by one of the most famous 19th century Russian architects, Andrei Stakenchneider. It has a colonnade of marble columns, supporting a gallery above that is graceful and elegant. On the floor is a copy of the floor mosaics that were unearthed at the roman baths at Ocriculum. There are four fountains, one at each corner of the room, picked out in a deep red marble and a staircase leads up to the gallery above.




As you walk in…

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