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Damn the Man. Save Merida!

Posted on: May 13, 2013

Hadn’t seen Brave, but now I want to, before they ruin Merida from being a “real person” and not a formfitting waif

disregard the prologue

Warning: rant ahead. These are my own initial thoughts and impressions, though I doubt I’m alone in my observations.

Remember when Brave came out? I don’t. I don’t pay much attention to movie releases. But I do remember the first time I saw it, after it came out on DVD. I was blown away. It was funny, and heartwarming and a little frightening at times. It was a story about love, but not about finding a prince.

And Merida. Kicked. ASS.

Here was a princess I could get behind. One who pushed against the expectations that strangled her, who embraced what freedom she had and used it to ride, to shoot, to live in the beautiful word around her, to climb fecking mountains when the mood struck. Her little rebellions were believable in the context of the movie, and when she felt helpless, she went out and tried to figure…

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