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Posted on: February 27, 2014

I wasn’t planning on making this post.  With so much going on, it didn’t seem I could find the right headspace to write for August McLaughlin’s Beauty of a Woman blogfest, but I just started reading Elizabeth Anne Mitchell’s “The Most Beautiful Woman” post…  and it got me thinking about how impossible that would be for me to nail down that title to one person.

Closeup decorative grunge vintage woman with beautiful long hairFor me, there is no “most beautiful” woman, unless she is the woman I’d just met and the one I might meet next.

She’s that homeless person that just walked into Bruegger’s this morning with a creaking shopping cart full of plastic bags, most carrying scraps of clothing.  She spent a half-hour in the bathroom, using it to bathe.

English: A picture of a plastic milk bag holde...

She might be the manager who saw Emily (not her real name) come in the store and who smiled and said cheerfully “Are we out of milk?  Would you like more?” and made small talk with her.  And made sure to leave a cup with some bagel bites and made sure there was extra milk and cream left out for the homeless woman to get a small meal before Emily left, wrapping a plastic bag about her shoulder to block off the cold wind.

Perhaps that most beautiful woman is the one I met in line while getting my sandwich.  Despite some rushing, we had a wonderful conversation about the weather and how the sky is so pretty in the Winter.

Just Women

Perhaps she is the receptionist at my son’s school who managed the most amazing smiles even though she lives in daily fear for her son’s life because an autoimmune disorder.

Yes, and no…


She’s my sister-in-law, my grandmother, my mother, your mother, your sister, your wife… you.

She is all of us.


♥ to all of us  And to the men in our lives too.  You guys are beautiful too!

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  • Beauty of a Woman BlogFest logo (August Mclaughlin)
  • English: A picture of a plastic milk bag holder (or pitcher) with a lid pouring milk (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
  • Just Women (Photo credit: tchon92)
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21 Responses to "BOAW – Us"

Compassion for other human beings is truly beautiful!

I totally agree, Katy. It’s why I made a point to note it’s not just a female thing. Some of the most compassionate people I know of are men. But whatever the gender or form compassion is revealed in… it is a beautiful thing.

Love this, Eden! Glad you joined us at the last minute.

Thanks, Kassandra. It was a flash of inspiration..

“She is all of us”. So very true. Wonderful words!

Well, she” is. 😀

Glad you liked it, Ashley.

Simply gorgeous, Eden. I’m so glad you opted in!

Thanks, August. You (all) inspired me.

She is all of us. She is beautiful…

And so are you. Beautiful in the way you see people, and hear them. Beautiful in the way you care, and share.

Beautiful in the way you’ve spent a lifetime opening up new horizons for a certain someone who could usually be counted upon to kick and scream and resist mightily…

Yup. you’re beautiful, Sys, and I love you.

I hope Emily has a warm place to shelter tonight. I will hold her warmly in my thoughts.

So glad you decided to share in all the beauty! =D

Thanks, Shan. Quite a lot from one of the most beautiful women I know. 🙂

Great post Eden. It’s refreshing to see a BOAW post that just doesn’t specify the beauty of one’s self, rather embrace the beauty in others. Compassion is such a rare thing to see nowadays, but it is found when you least expect it and from people that usually surprise you. Sharing now. Happy BOAW

Glad you enjoyed the post, Inion. You’re right about how truly beautiful thing just sneak up on us when we’re distracted by the world. 🙂

Ah, cheers to this post, Eden! Lovely! I like the title you chose for your post, “Us.” We’re all in this together, aren’t we? XO

Thanks, Lynn. Yes, we definitely are all in this together. Time to stop letting the world distract and divide us.

Love your sense of beauty and compassion!

Thank You, Kitt. It’s not just me though. I read your amazing posts for BOAW. It really is “Us”

Compassion and empathy definitely are a part of a beautiful woman/person. Finding the beauty in others should be an ongoing effort for us all. “She is in all of us.” Perfection!

I honestly believe that finding the beauty in others would be one of the number one ways to “Save the World”. 🙂

Glad you like the “mission:, Marcia. It’s yours too, should you choose to accept. 😉

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[…] “For me, there is no “most beautiful” woman, unless she is the woman I’d just met and the one I might meet next.” — Eden Mabee […]

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