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Still Motion — First Friday Photo

Posted on: May 1, 2015

So here we are…  the 1st First Friday Photo a blog hop I started (today) to make sure I made time for photography, even just a bit a month.  The rules are simple to join in:

  • post a photo (one you took, please don’t post other people’s work) on your blog
  • include a link to the linky (so visitors can visit each other’s work)
  • add the link to your post to the above linky (so we can find your work)
  • visit other people’s posts
  • enjoy

I had to put that “enjoy” there.  Every time I open a package of instant ramen, I giggle because of that.  I mean, of course I am going to enjoy…  yummy ramen is, well, yummy.  😀

Anyway, to the photo…  After so many months of not shooting anything, suddenly I saw pictures I wanted to take everywhere.  I missed a lot of them.  Too slow adjusting the shutter speed or even waiting for my old G5 to turn back on…  But I caught a few.   I think this was my favorite of today’s shots.

Hooping at The Crossings

This girl was teaching a small group hooping tricks at a local playground. Really fun to watch.

As for the photo, my son had borrowed the camera earlier today, and I’d forgotten to check the settings before using it, so “Auto” mode.   The post-processing I did with Photoshop: cropping and some auto tone and color.

15 Responses to "Still Motion — First Friday Photo"

[…] participating in First Friday Photo, as it is not complicated and promises to be fun. The rules are here.  At the least, visit the participants […]

I love how this picture captures the potential of motion in a still. You’re making me want to dust off my point and shoot instead of relying on my phone camera. *blush*

I use both the iPhone and the point and shoot/manual. Different cameras for different needs. Some serious camera peeps have several different cameras laying about. They have their favorite multi-use camera and those special ones for other times.

[…] though, I’m trying something new, in part to support my lifelong friend Eden Mabee as she relaunches a feature that’s been away for a while, and also to play a bit and share a […]

I love this. I took some hoop pictures of the kids a spring or two ago…maybe they’ll make it into the hop one of these weeks.

Happy to join in! =)

Would love to see them… in or not in the blog. 🙂

[…] decided to resurrect Lapidary Prose, a long moribund blog, posting a First Friday Photo in a blog hop set up by Eden Mabee.  If you are interested, check it out.  No one needs to be a […]

That’s a great picture! I’m fine art photographer and I haven’t been able to do much photography lately so I may join this blog hop. 😉 I’d be fun to see all the pics.

As for cameras…I have 10. Currently I’m mostly using a automatic digital camera, point & shoot. Would love to get back into my darkroom, though. That’s my first love. 😉

We’d love to have you join, Erin. I intentionally set it up so it wouldn’t be a huge drain on time (what is one photo a month, after all?)…

I never used a dark room. Until a few years ago, I didn’t know what ISO settings were, anything about white balance, etc. My father has a 30 year Chinon he kept trying to show me how to use, and I stubbornly refused to try anything with it . Now… I ask him to bring it when we get together. Yeah, it’s getting harder to get film for it, but… Oh, and his old open the case, expand the camera body Polaroids…. My son thinks those are just fun.

You should get in the dark room. Even if you don’t do any photos for the blog hop, get thee to a dark room and just have some fun. 🙂

Yeah, I’d love to do that. My health hasn’t been the best, or my stamina (standing in low light for long periods — never bothered me when I was young) but I promised myself I’d do something with it this year.

I actually learned on manual cameras, first an old Minolta on loan and then a Ricoh. Then I went automatic. Then came the DSLR which is now obsolete. I need to get my automatic 35mm camera fixed. Although I am considering using a plastic 35mm camera for effect. 😉 First I need to do a test run to make sure all my chemicals are still good.

There’s really nothing like doing it yourself — using a manual camera for more control. Automatics are great, as are digital cameras, but there’s no comparison IMO. I’m old school through and through. 🙂

It’s funny reading you write that DSLRs are obsolete. I mean, I know that it’s been the thing lately to replace the lens-mirror setup with a single sensor, but most of what you see for sale still is lens-based. I’ve heard of, but never actually seen a DSLT …

But then, I’m not a pro of any kind. I just like to take pretty pictures for myself and to share with others.

Oh, I wasn’t saying that all DSLRs are obsolete. It is *my* DSLR that is obsolete — it’s 10.2 MP and about 9 years old. You know with technology, it moves so fast!

Ah… gotcha. Then again, it’s like they say… You don’t need the newest or best camera to take a really good picture. So you’re probably safe. 🙂

[…] inspired by Eden’s inaugural post, which featured hoopers, I went waaay back into my Flickr photostream, and found some pictures from […]

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