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Little Things

Posted on: May 8, 2015

Crumbling Beauty

Just a tree by the ditch

Or rather biggish things that are somehow so small we tend to ignore them….

I wasn’t going to post anything for a while, but I kept thinking about pictures and how a photo can make something so ordinary seem surreal and amazing. It’s a matter of focus and highlighting the right details.

Just like fiction… we writers take ordinary people and put them in situations that show how extraordinary they actually are. And why? Because we’re all extraordinary in our own way, but we tend to forget it when the world moves by so fast that everything feels out of focus.

A picture, a story… these are moments when the world stops and we can see the details that make a place, a person… special.

Like the picture above….  It’s no place unusual.  Down here at the edge of Green County, there are crumbling stone walls pretty much everywhere you look.  This  spot I’ve driven past at least three times a week for the last fifteen years, and except for noticing the daffodils in the Spring, I never really stopped to look at it.  But Wednesday night after my karate class, I had some time on my hand as The Boodle has advanced enough to be in the class after mine…  so I walked along the road to get a picture of the small pond there.  A little slowly because gravelly, hilly roads and Dr. Scholls sandals don’t always mix.

In doing so…  I saw this.  I think it was the best picture I took that evening.

So…  what haven’t you slowed down to look consider the beauty of lately?

5 Responses to "Little Things"

Opening lilac buds against a perfect spring sky…and the dandelions and grape hyacinth in hand-decorated tea bottle a certain someone gifted me with.

Images to follow some hours hence.

May I please reblog this? I can use the cheer, today.

Love you, Sys! ❤

You’re welcome to if you’d like (reblog, that is). And if you need a hug… hopefully I’ll see you this evening. And lilacs…. I’ve always loved lilacs.

I plan to be there, but Wil Wheaton and Jeremiah kept me up all night….I might be sleepy…and I will try to bring your some lilacs.

We have lilacs… and they’re one of those flowers that never lives long after being cut. That’s part of their charm… they come and they go in their season, and then it’s sweet scented memories.

Sounds like two very good reasons to have stayed up. 😀 Marcus is coming with me tonight again. He says he thinks he has a story to write…

Awesome. On all counts. Marcus giggles make life brighter. ❤

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