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Posted on: July 4, 2015


What do YOU see in this image?

Today, I’m a bit late with my First Friday Photo post.  We were cleaning house and moving furniture.  All sorts of my least favorite, but necessary,  activities…

That means my head just wasn’t on blogging or pictures or pretty much anything until just before I should have gotten ready for karate.  I’m not going to that tonight because there’s a Dr. Who event at the local Barnes & Noble that the Boodle wants to go to…  yes, I’ll take pictures and post them one of these days.

Anyway…  my contribution for the First Friday Photo is a small foreshadowing of the thing I’m planning on doing tomorrow… which is trying to capture a near-perfect camera RAW image of a firework using manual mode (despite it being slower for my camera to process and write to its compact flash card).

JPEG taken in 2009

JPEG taken in 2009

I’ve had some luck with auto-mode shots. My old Canon G5 can write JPEGs to its CF card reasonably fast. It’s a dog at writing RAWs though. And RAWs with a reasonable exposure-time? Good time to catch a cat-nap between shots….

So I’m actually very happy to have captured these last Thursday during the Tri-City ValleyCats game:

A Random Capture

A Random Capture

From the Finale

From the Finale

They aren’t perfect, but they are exceptionally detailed captures. And I learned a bit trying to catch these, such as I should ignore my camera’s exposure warning and speed up the shutterspeed just a touch more (the excess light in the Finale shot means I could even turn down the ISO a nudge and get a less noisy image).

And the top image? What do you think it is? How do you think it was taken? Any guesses?

If you’ve got an image you’d like to share, jump on in and post your picture to the First Friday blog hop. We’re a social group, and we love to talk and discuss our images.


9 Responses to "Captured"

Eden, I’m at a total loss to identify what that is or how you captured the image. It reminds me vaguely of times I’ve tried to capture a decent moon shot (with little to no results), but it looks too mysterious to be something that mundane.

I do love the fireworks shots, though–I tried to capture some a few years ago, and they were much blurrier. Well done!

Well, thanks for guessing, Elizabeth. At least you guessed I took that picture (Dan initially thought I downloaded it from a website of space images). It’s just another firework, captured at the moment of explosion… but the possibilities I saw in it! 😀

Very cool, Eden. I thought it was that problem with extending the exposure while still getting the light (hence my moon pictures where a full moon becomes a pin prick of light).

Very nicely done.

To get a good full moon shot, one needs a decent amount of telescoping (and then cropping the image as well)… I’ve only gotten a few decent shots of the moon myself.

If you click on the image itself, it’ll take you to the much larger image that’s stored online and you can see the (very noisy) detail that shows it’s a firework. But… I thought it looked very “Eye of Sauron”, so I had to post it.

These are gorgeous! I really don’t understand the technical parts; maybe I will someday, or not. Moving furniture and putting things aside to please younger people – that I get. Which might be why I’m going to miss t’ai chi today because it’s so lovely being with Miah, at 7am, when neither of us have slept…

An because, well, I’m still plotting! =)

I got the first one right – but I also see a lovely nebula in here, calling to me…and other things, like a birth canal….no, I haven’t slept, so the associations are particularly surreal….

I love the associations you made though, Shan. The nebula I saw, but yes, birth can be seen too… Or death… is the explosion of a firework the death of the thing or it’s birth… or simply its transformation, like that of a caterpillar to a butterfly?

Ahhh…so much to see, and to ponder, here!

Well, thankee indeedlee… 🙂

[…] Captured:  A quest to contain fireworks in digital format…with some very evocative results. […]

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