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Processing Re-Discovery

Posted on: April 4, 2016



It’s official.  I am the world’s most inconsistent blogger.

(It’s also official…  I do NOT like WordPress’s idea of a “newer, easier to use” [I forget the exact words they used] editor.  Give me the clunky thing in my Dashboard/Admin area.  Love that so much!)

Anyway…  I’m back.

Another Round of Words in 80 Days began today, and since I volunteered to sponsor (I haven’t ROWed in a long time, and I miss the gentle nudges to write regularly), I need to blog.  Why didn’t I choose my beloved writing blog Many Worlds From Many Minds?  I don’t know: maintenance reasons, emotional reasons…  Just reasons.

In the spirit of a ROW, it’s time to set some goals to keep tabs on throughout the next eighty days.  I’m going low-key right now with the option (one I’m sure I will exercise because I always do) of adding goals later in the ROWnd.

In fact, my first (and main) goal is going to be: Assess progress weekly and add more projects as needed.

Notice I didn’t say “adjust” or “tweak” or any of those other (sometimes weaselly) words that allow me to drop a challenging project just because something newer and shinier has come into view?  Well, I’m ALL about the shiny, trust me, but I’ve come to realize how self-defeating that behavior can be.

I just spent whole weekend cleaning out (actually I still have a few more hours left on the project yet) my OneNote files, notes that have piled up since 2003, notes that had not been synced correctly when I upgraded in 2010…  notes that came with seven (yes, seven!) “conflicted versions” because a random change or edit got saved on one machine and not another.

My next project is to make sure all my story files are saved, backed up and synced correctly, and that also will include digging into some scary archives.  Time to pull out DOSBox and Wordperfect 5.1 to make sure I have all the comments and notes.

And in the interim…  I have the goals of:

  • working through three chapters weekly of James Scott Bell’s Plot& Structure (including exercises)
  • catching up in my local critique group (including submitting something this week)
  • typing two pages a day of old notebooks in

And THAT is enough for anyone right now.

It’s been a process of rediscovering old interests, passions and… bad habits.  But thing can change.  In fact, they always do.

27 Responses to "Processing Re-Discovery"

Hey! Wait a second, I thought I was the world’s most inconsistent blogger. 😉 I haven’t try WordPress’s new editor. I’m rather attached to the ol’ dashboard one. I’m thinking I will stay far away from it.

I find the new editor too “white” for me. Like that dreaded blank page…

Beyond that, it’s okay enough, I guess.

As for inconsistency… I don’t mind sharing the crown. 😀

I haven’t even looked at it. I’m going with the ain’t-broke-don’t-fix-it philosophy. 😉

Thank you for that reminder that ROW80 starts today. How can we check in on Monday and come back on Weds???? I also tweek my goals so drastically, but without that weekly commitment to report in, some projects simply disappear. So, welcome sponsor! Make it a good round!

This isn’t the check-in, Beth. It’s “State Your Goals” Time (a.k.a. ROW Anonymous peeps saying “I’m a writer and I need to get …. done in 80days”)

The first check-in on Wednesday… I think it’s still going to be mostly intros too.

Hey, did someone up there mention OLD NOTEBOOKS?!

**perks up ears while simultaneously cowering a bit, wondering how many blatant, ancient coffee stains and incriminating handwriting might be encompassed in those two words…**

Oh. Uh. Right.

Love the simplicity and clarity of goals. Love that you’re back, on your own terms. And, on the crit group stuff – yeah, ditto. Although I may skip posting this week, with everything kicking off so close together, and then a weekend of travel…

Yup. Might be better for overall sanity to let a week or two go by, and come on back when things are a little less wibbly-wobbly, and after I’ve made up the ones I owe.

Anyway….here’s a special Shiny, I KNOW you’ll appreciate it, and it’s short. Maybe we can both use it as needed for best results. =)

Well, not quite-that-old notebooks (I think I gave you the last of those before my last mad typing spree)…. But old enough and scary enough. Certainly old enough to see what you meant about Alanii being too uptight psuedo-perfect (he certainly wasn’t, but all the scarier for that reason) in some of my older stuff. I think I have his voice down better. Problem is the mature him versus the youthful him have pretty different voices to me… Clearly the same person, but so many layers of life experiences to call on….

Time off before travel is often a good idea. I just want my plate a bit clearer before the weekend hits.

Silly Shiny! I love when they play with stories that way. It’s like that scene in the A-Team where they had some Cylons from the original Battlestar Galactica walk through San Francisco in front of Dirk Benedict’s character… And Nathan Fillion does spastic silly so very well. 😀

I think that disparity between the character that was and the character that is is an inevitable side effect of growing up WITH our characters.

You know, like this:

I remember borrowing some notebooks, once at your house, before children happened. Once I might have brought some home but, if so, I think they’ve been purged, either intentionally or otherwise.

Maybe it’s best if there’s no actual record other than in our minds? 😉

I’ll get as much done as I can, and try not to spend too much time worrying about the rest.

Spastic silly – yup. Shiny!

I know I purged some of the notebooks without even attempting to save them. The ones written in pencil, for instance… I couldn’t read them easily and figured it wasn’t worth the eye-strain (it seems there is a HUGE difference between reading something to read it, and reading something to type it). It does mean some of that incredible worldbuilding you did was lost in Holograph, if I didn’t give it to you.
As for getting stuff done? Sounds like the best plan.

And loved that video tribute… just loved! Dankje!

There was a time I’d be very bothered by their passing. Now, I think it’s only fitting. Those girls don’t exist anymore (and the stories are still there, for those who know how to see them). The good we’ve kept; hopefully, the bad we’ve learned from.

Did I do incredible worldbuilding in Holograph? I don’t even remember what storyline(s) that was….but I remember the cover….

And “Shades of Gray’ is definitely one of my favorite Monkees tunes. Davy, Peter, harmony, French horns, a great musing…what’s not to love?!

Boldly Going Through the Alphabet!
Part-Time Minion for Holton’s Heroes
shanjeniah’s Lovely Chaos

Don’t be bothered with their passing…. There are always new words to discover, and dwelling on the old ones won’t help the new ones come forth any easier (at least that’s the story I’m telling myself right now).

Though, yes, you did some incredible worldbuilding in Holograph. At the time you wrote it I think I was more dismissive of it than I should have been. You had ritual, culture, clothing, scenery… it was all there. The dialogue between characters seemed forced (which is probably why you focused on that for so long to the detriment of sometimes reaching the “Voices in a Vacuum” effect). It had the whole thing with the twins (Altikaan and Altea, I think) and their marriage/betrothal issues, and the AJ losing her memory and becoming a human girl (we won’t say who) with a huge crush on the neighbor down the road) and how Spock had</strong find her before he died, etc. Pretty scary stuff. 😉

Definitely one of their most beautiful tunes… One where they showed themselves as talented as their producers didn't want them to be.

Oh, yes….NOW I remember.. There was instant breakfast involved, as I recall. =)

One tiny little thing, though. When a girl who shall remain nameless wanted to walk past the home of that neighbor boy who shall also remain nameless, out of respect to two spouses not one another, she had to walk up one mightily big hill to do it. So I think it was probably UP the road, not down.

There was a time, for the record, when a certain nameless girl could make that walk of about half a mile, uphill, in less than 15 minutes.

You don’t have to ask why I would know that. 😉

As for dismissive…we both did our share of dismissing one another – part of the broken places.

It’s kind of funny that I went from forced dialogue and great description to be the opposite for so long. I think I’m getting to a place where it’s a better blend.

And, yup. WAY too much else to play with to be particularly worried about my 16 year old self’s lost stories! =)

What is actually terrifying is how easily I was able to recall all that story stuff in a pinch. Given some time, I bet I could even draw up a few snapshots of text (it’s part of my obsession with these old notebooks, I think–I can almost see the words in my head, and I just have to know if I’m right)
I fear I have there is more of me in the Boodle than I should wish for sometimes. :-/
As for the blend, it’s not all that funny. The blend is better, IMHO, but it also speaks to something about what we were learning about writing at the time. Remember all those lessons in school where the emphasis was on elaborate details and making every “thing” in the story have all sorts of ulterior meanings? (Not that it was bad to learn that stuff, but it sure made it hard to read Swift or Penrose for a long time after, if only for the fear of ‘not getting the joke’).
As I recall, there were a lot of destroyed planets in Holograph… Definitely better that we don’t worry too much about our lost stories.

Seeing the words in my head, and where and when I wrote them…I do that *all the time*! Right now, I’m going a bit crazy, because I had this nifty, angsty TnT block of four stories, and I can only find two. I don’t think I’ll use those this month, but I really, REALLY want to reread those two I can’t find – so much so that I spent an inordinate amount of time looking for where I put them before I went to sleep, and then dreamed of other places to check!

Which shows me that I really, really need to clean up my files and get things organized. The Lenovo to Toughbook back to Lenovo was a lot less tidy than I wanted it to be….

And the Boodle is himself. Some you, some not – but all him! =)

You definitely have my sympathies! I was doing that myself with my OneNote project. The only saving grace was I knew I’d archived the directories, all of them, a few times, so it was more of a matter of resorting than actual lost material. Back in the late 90s I lost a story (just a flash piece) that I loved dearly because I’d tried backing it up to an old Bernouli Box and then the reader got damaged and I couldn’t read the cartridges again. And… love or not, I couldn’t spare the over $2K to get the cartridge recorded and transferred to a newer format. (I estimate about six months of stories got trashed that way actually, but that one story was the only one I couldn’t just pull back out of my head… partly because it was SO very different from all my other writing.)

So I’m extra cautious about making duplicate backups these days.

What happened with the L-T-L transfer? Were you using any cloud service to backup your files?

Yes, true… The Boodle has bits of me, bits of Dan, of our parents… and more. He is solely himself. Sometimes I just feel bad that those things that gave me so much trouble are so much a part of him though. But… who knows, maybe they’ll not be the burden they were for me so long, especially if he sees places where those ‘flaws’ become ‘boons’ in different settings. It’s part of why I so wish he didn’t want to go to school… but, it is his life, and I need to respect that

I think I just don’t remember when exactly I wrote it (I know I wrote it at Denny’s, and where I was sitting when I wrote it, though!). If it’s not easily available on LO, it might be on FocusWriter, which went wonky close enough to the computer outage that I never dealt with it.

The timeline issue, though, is being happily resolved with a free license. =)

And think what a cool world it would be if all parents respected that a child’s life is their own….

I’m guessing that, though there may always be school problems, his desire and determination will help him to learn to navigate better than he might if forced – to go, or not to.

And I’m sorry about your lost story. BIG hugs!

Hmm… Hope you found the story. It really hurts to lose a piece.

As for the Timeline thingie, it’s more I was curious if Aeon was the program you used because I wondered how the design of the program was working for you. (It seemed very non-intuitive for me, but it could be I was missing something major and would love it if I gave it a second chance._

As for school… I’m afraid you’re right, but… well, when do you step in when you see things are not only NOT working, but that they are getting actively worse? Am a very sad mommy right now. I’m seeing him crushed, slowly, almost intently (at the moment I think the school really believes they’re trying to “help”, but… it’s not helping–trust me it is most definitely not) and yet, he told me today he HAS to stay there because “there are things wrong with me that they can get specialists to fix, and if they change me I can be a better person

*tears at hair*

I haven’t found the story, but I’ve moved on to other things, and I still have a few ideas about where it might be. I’ve decided that I’ll be doing some serious sorting and file cleaning in the latter part of this round, so I may well find it then…and I do remember enough to recreate it if I need it before then.

The timeline program is Aeon. It wasn’t intuitive for me, either, until I watched a couple of the tutorials. That gave me enough to dive in…but the new program will also apparently have a learning curve, so…I’m waiting till next month for that one – this month is full!

I can’t say when or if you should step in – but if there seems to be imminent danger of him losing the sense that he’s OK and the system is requiring him to trim off his unique edges, maybe that’s a choice to make…

I’m sorry you’re sad. I’m sorry he’s being crushed. I’m sorry our culture seems to prefer humans homogenized and easily manipulated.

I’m glad you’ve found other things to occupy–essentially that’s what did; and one day I took what I remembered and rewrote it as piece of flash fiction (though the original story I remember being longer). It was a brave moment for me. I posted my piece in one of Chuck Wendig’s challenges… no accolades of course, but some likes, and that was good enough.

I’ll have to look closer into Aeon then, but I’ll wait for the new program as well. No rush.

We had the “big meeting” at the school yesterday. It was… interesting. And of course, you know me–can’t let an issue drop, I brought up the car discussion. I think they were as shocked as I was (I certainly know his teachers were!). We’re all wondering if he’s trying to emulate a character from a book or something similar. Not like he hasn’t done that before… constantly.

It’s good theatre training if it is! And he wants to do more theatre this year.

I hope so. Though, things are still definitely rocky on a whole.

I figure I’ll find it or rewrite it. Not too worried either way – both Trip and T’Pol gave me big epiphanies, one right after the other, this morning, right after I woke up – so those will be part of future stories….

I hope all turns out all right, school wise, one way or another. Much love.

Boldly Going Through the Alphabet!
Part-Time Minion for Holton’s Heroes
shanjeniah’s Lovely Chaos

I’m consistent with ROW80 posts, but that’s it. I’d like to change that at some point soon.

You’ve reminded me of all my old poems that are on floppy disks. Lucky, I was able to transfer them to my first computer (in 1998!) and down the line. I’m so glad I did. That’s the only thing with technology — things sometimes get lost due to something becoming obsolete.

Good luck with your goals.

I actually stopped blogging because ROW80 posts were all I’d become consistent on…. blogging wasn’t a joy, or even an actual interest; it was a job. Now, I am choosing it because I want to help out, and I enjoy the ROW80 camaraderie.

I actually got this level of paranoid after loosing a couple of stories when I could no longer use my old Bernouli drive (there are/were places that could read the info, but I can’t afford them). Keeping, just slightly behind the advance of technology is a good idea. And then…. scanable plain text doesn’t hurt either. 😉

Best of luck with your poem recovery, Erin. Have a great week.

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Oooh, the shiny! It’s always so pretty and fun and distracting, but, yes, self-defeating sometimes, too.

Many blessings in your goals! I do not envy you the note sorting project. Kudos for getting that mostly done already!

I fear, especially in this age of access (it’s so easy to find information, learn new ideas, etc. with the internet), that Shiny is going to become more and more prevalent.

Thank you! The note sorting is done now (it is a beautiful thing!). Of course, now it means I need to do some BICHOK and get my words written. 😉

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[…] years of practice.  I’ve noticed some deterioration though too.  This is one of the reasons I’ve set myself a goal to typing in old notebooks.  I don’t know what happened, and I’d like to understand it.  But for all that crappy […]

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