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Small Steps Forward

Posted on: February 6, 2017

Progress is a funny thing.  Little steps suddenly reveal themselves as mountains conquered, while the grand journeys I had set upon seem stuck at port from an infestation of teredo navalis.*

That’s where my writing lingers of late…  stuck in dry dock, awaiting repairs as I play catch up with the world around me.  I am getting caught up with my critique group (after being behind by five critiques), but the tally of new words this week—for the whole week—was less than 500.  At least this is not counting class discussions for the MOOCS I’m doing at FutureLearn; my class participation is on track.

As for the rest of my progress?

  • Write my five sentences daily — nope
  • At least three days a week, write a page, front-to-back — nope
  • Make weekly progress in travel plans for UK trip this Spring —check
  • Post here once weekly with progress — missed last week, but did post my Wednesday check-in at Many Worlds
  • Maintain and update the ROW80 blog/site and linkies once a week — check
Things still undone....

Things still undone….

Not much progress, as you can see.  The England trip is almost completely sketched out (important, but not since we’re not going until the end of April, more a case of me obsessing over things).  I’ve fixed links on the ROW80 blog and tweaked some of the links (and am starting to work out a system that will stop me from running late every post).  I’ve even changed computers and started two classes.

I’ve done a lot.  Just not a lot of writing…  Guess it’s time to work on that next, hmm?

* Keeps crossing my mind lately because of the Shipwrecks and Archaeology class I’m taking via Futurelearn and a Great Courses lecture series we have about Ancient Technology…  how a silly thing like a worm could decide some of the greatest battles in history.

10 Responses to "Small Steps Forward"

Sometimes we need to work on other projects — like that fascinating class that mixes archaeology with shipwrecks. The little skip away from writing may be just the needed break to let ideas percolate. May you have a good week of writing — and reflecting.

Exactly! I love the wonder these classes create in my stories. My characters become so much more real as I delve further into these real life scenarios.

Shipwrecks and archaeology class? That sounds awesome!

Both classes I’m taking are incredibly interesting. They touch on similar but distinctly different topics and feed my obsession with the past all too well. I can spend too much time there. But I really feel my fiction writing has become oh so much richer for the exploration of the past. It’s a balancing act…

If you’re interested, Futurelearn (https://www.futurelearn.com) runs several wonderful history courses (the Shakespeare and His World course and the Hadrian’s Wall class are exquisite). You can work at your pace and as deeply or as tangentially as you wish. Beware the class discussion forums… they have more addictive properties than Facebook or Twitter (at least for me)

I signed up for one on Art Crime. 😉

I’ve heard some fun stuff from other students about that one. Keep us updated on how it goes, please.

I can so relate to getting stuff done, just not writing. Mine has been pretty much stalled for weeks. Hope to get back on track after taxes are done. Good luck on yours!

Ack! Taxes… The last few years, my husband took over doing those (it sort of fell into him as he wanted to do them on the computer instead of longhand and I’m a paper sort of gal). I hope that journey is painless for you and that you find your way back to your fictional worlds soon, Jennette

You do have my sympathies. I have so much on, all the time. I had to abandon a FutureLearn course a while back as something had to give so well done with persevering with that.

The nice thing about the FutureLearn classes is that they tend to be populated by very social people (I’ve had people in classes I started years ago comment back when I jumped into the old classwork to finish things). The materials are always there once you sign up for a class… so you really can learn on your own. And sometimes retaking a course adds new insights.

It really is a dangerous platform. 😀

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