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Finally Something

Posted on: February 26, 2017

I know that the reason for regular ROW80 check-ins is not to brag about our accomplishments (okay, not solely), but also to share those less than stellar times when we are floundering and need the support of our fellow ROWers to get us going again.  Still, I somehow managed to avoid three check-ins in the past two weeks (one at Many Worlds and two here) because I felt I had nothing to report.

I wasn’t writing, and somehow, I’d begun to equate words on the page as the only marker of actual progress I could use.  Which is (of course) very silly on my part.  I was doing a ton of things, above and beyond the normal stuff of daily life.  If anything, I’ve had to become extra creative to fit in those normal things…  a few dishes here and there while waiting for my hot water in the morning, sort a few clothes and move a load for folding out on my way downstairs…

Thursday and Friday I was “at college” with my son as he was invited to participate in a  set of workshops* with the drama department at Hudson Valley CC and Shakespeare & Co. for their Northeast Regional tour.  A mini-homeschooling conference on Tuesday, car inspection and repairs on Wednesday, dental visits on both Monday and last Thursday, and on and on…

Oh, and I have managed to get back to some writing-related stuff.  The classes I am taking on Ancient Portus (not so much the Maritime Archaeology one) and the American South (global view) have provided a great deal of fodder for my stories.  Time Team episodes have given me a deeper realism of the past and what skies might look like, smells, even how the water might be…  We like to romanticize the past by imagining things were so much cleaner and purer (or how much more violent and dangerous) things were.  At least in fiction, especially, there seems to be a sense that we do things so very different than we used to.

Then we have to consider facts like the Tiber river had become so polluted during by the 2nd C BC in Rome that there were purification rituals for the river itself (and an increased need for well drilling), that the slag heaps from ancient iron smelting were stacked so high in some places they made their own mountains (and became a source of iron in WWI), or man-made hills of discarded pottery in Italy…  just think of the trees that had to be cut down and burned for those kilns and furnaces (making charcoal uses an insane amount of wood in its own right).

So, yeah…  I’m getting some definite ideas about the world in more stories, smells, sights, textures.  And I even managed some newish words last night.  Yay!

*For the record…  After Friday’s 3½ hr session on clowning, I have acquired a great respect for the control needed for any comedic actor as well an awe at the passion the Boodle brought to his parts.  He’s an amazing kid.

9 Responses to "Finally Something"

I skipped a check-in a few weeks back because it was a horrible week and I just didn’t want to dwell on it a second longer than I had to. But I kind of regret that now. I *did* make forward progress that week despite everything else swirling around in life. So, I guess, in all things: Onward!

Exactement… Allons-y! (Sorry, was in a bit of Dr. Who mode. But I hear you about skipping check-ins–somehow I never feel like I’ve accomplished as much if I don’t get that done.)

So much of so many god things here! Saving to play with the links, not at all surprised by the Boodle’s passion for his art, and seeing a lot of writing foundation-building here! ❤

I’m finding there are great things everywhere. Just, some days it’s harder to see them than others. And no, I’m not surprised by the Boodle’s passions either. He is very aware of the things he loves.

That is a perfectly lovely thing to be aware of, all in all!

Just like me, you are productive in the places where you need to be. As a writer friend of mine once said, it’s not about word count, it’s about writing words that count (or doing the myriad other things that count as well). Have a great week.

I wish I could say I was productive in all the places. It’s all a work in progress these days. I guess, though, it always it. That’s part of what drew me to the ROW80. The fact that it was a challenge that allowed me to live while participating.

A few years back I did about three posts on the way we abuse our resources back in those good old days of simple living starting with the bronze age – for some reason my password has gone astray but if I remember rightly this is the page http://sefutychronicles-albertaross.blogspot.co.uk/search?updated-max=2012-07-29T21:22:00%2B01:00&max-results=5&reverse-paginate=true

no such thing as the good old days:)

Exactly… The “Dustbowl” years in the early 1900s US were another prime example of this. I think, if anything, it’s because we’re finally accepting that we don’t have anywhere else to go yet (well, some people have… and even those would love to figure out how to start harnessing the resources of the planets in our solar system soon).

Thing is, we’re always changing our world by our actions. Some of those good, some bad… but the bad things sometimes are so bad we can’t live with them. And that’s the makings of story…

Heck, even sometimes the ‘good’ things are makings of story too.

Thanks for the link, Alberta. Having fun reading it.

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