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ROWnd 3 Goal Post

Posted on: July 10, 2017

Round 3 of the ROW80 actually started last Monday, but…  well, this just shows one of the awesome things about the Round of Words: one can jump in at anytime, and I just wasn’t ready last week, physically, mentally and especially emotionally.

However, after several chaotically busy weeks (good ones, mostly), this Saturday I received a bit of a wake-up call when I nearly lost all my archived photos and stories (and music…  lots of music) to a failing harddrive.

What had happened is mostly my fault… a case of I’ll deal with it later that refused to wait for “Later”.  Luckily, the chance of this particular combination of distractions and diversions being repeated is less likely than my winning the NYS Lottery…  despite the fact that I never buy lottery tickets.  😛

This round, however, I intend to reduce my use of Later.  As a result, I also intend to clear out the many years of fluff files and duplicates that I’ve accumulated through years of shifting electronic stuff from one machine to another, then to another (with two backups per shift).  That’s a lot of fluff since 1991…

So, here are my goals for Round 3 of the ROW80:

  • goal 1) clean out my electronic house
  • goal 2) everyday Test Mile of 5 Sentences or 250 words
  • goal 3) clean out real house…  excess paperwork first
  • goal 4) walk a mile daily

It’s a small list, and I may add temporary/weekly bits here and there as needed.  Small, in this case, is huge…  Goals 1 & 3 are multi-layered affairs.  For example, this week, I intend to gather up old magazines for goal 3 and either recycle or donate them as makes sense.  For goal 1, I will be gathering together all of my archived disks (some are even 5-¼ floppies still) and moving whatever data is on them into our server where I can start sorting through what I want to keep and what I don’t.

Sounds like enough for one week, eh?


5 Responses to "ROWnd 3 Goal Post"

I spent several hours this weekend cleaning my electronic files on the dissertation/book. I had so many copies! The upside was that I found pieces I had written over a decade ago that were quite good, that I had utterly forgotten about. I hope the same happens to you.

I think I’m a little envious… and yet, very happy for you to have found so many cool things. So far I’ve found a lot of faded receipts… :-/

Oh, I’ve absolutely found tons of those as well. I hope you find more than receipts, at the very least a clarity that is hard to find in cluttered files.

I have! Of course, lately as soon as I make a discovery, I suddenly seem to scratch out two or three more “what I might do with it” notes it seems. It’s been fun brain exploration, but not exactly conducive to cleaning out bits of random paper.

BTW, interested in Denny’s writing this Sunday? Missed you!

It does sound like a good plan. Hopefully, it will help get you well grounded and prepped.

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