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Where Did It Go?

Posted on: October 16, 2017

A ROW80 Goal Post

A few months ago, I had a plan.

Actually, I’ve had plans and been executing them, step-by-step, most of the time I have not posted here.  Life has been…  well, Life.  Crazy, unpredictable, sometimes hellish, sometimes wonderful—mostly it’s been a blur that I remember only through looking over notes and drawings in my travel journal.  Maybe this is a good thing….  a topic I think I will try to develop into a real post for my Wednesday ROW80 check-in.

We’ll see.

You may wonder why I say “We’ll see” when I am writing up (albeit late) my list of goals for the Round of Words in 80 Days challenge.  After all, shouldn’t I be committing to regular posts and improving my writing?

The answer is “probably”.  Lately though, beyond my maintenance of the ROW80 site and blog, I’ve spent more of my word-related headspace in reading.  Some video time, but mostly reading and learning what appeals to me as a consumer of stories.  I’ve found that I run through an average-sized cozy in a day, I love a series, and that I’m the kind of reader (and watcher) who should never start a series when it’s new—if I have to wait for the next book… I may never return to it.

I do need to return my attention to some writing output however.  Which is why I’m making this post.

So here goes, my (8-week now) plan for the ROW80 challenge:

  • a daily note of something that has happened (journal)
  • continue to devour books
  • a once-a-week post about the books I’ve read
  • continue work on the ROW80 blog
  • outline (this first week) and then rough draft the new story that has been tossing in my head about one of ‘Listii’s covert missions

It’s not a great list.  It’s just a start…  long term goals don’t really work for me.  That’s something else I’ve discovered in my lull from posting.  Neither do breaks…  I need to maintain a consistency of scheduled events or the clutter of Life’s demands takes over and I lose sight of the place I’m trying to get to.  My ROW80 goals are as much a daily thing as anything, but I’ll be updating them weekly.

And maybe that more than anything is my goal for this Round of Words.  Be achieve some consistency in Life.

10 Responses to "Where Did It Go?"

One of the trickiest things in life is figuring out what works, and what doesn’t. Lots of people try to impose their way on others; but we’re all individuals, and we all live our own unique lives.

This sounds like a good place to begin (again). May you find something useful, and delightful in these weeks! =D

I don’t know. Because life is unpredictable and gets crazy at times, I think that everyone’s goals and the achievement of said goals is going to wax and wane. Not much anyone can do about it most of the time, but go with tide.
Have a great week.

You know, Chris, you’re not the first person in my life to bring up the concept of tides and time. Yes, there definitely will be waxing and waning achievements, but both processes involve change and movement. Thanks for the reminder!

Your goals sound doable and right for you. I’ve been doing mini-reviews of books every other Friday on my blog. It’s been fun, and it keeps me reading. Good luck with your goals. 😀

Thanks, Erin. I think this will be fun, but it’s nice to have a second opinion. Mini-reviews have been one of the best ways I’ve found to discover new writers (like many, I tend to take advice from people I “know” on stories). I also hope to use these as a way to dig deeper into how stories work. Have you found that sort of thing happening to you?

Goals and objectives are always good, even when late. I like that focus on reading mindfully, not just for pure entertainment, where we read in our genre to see what works, but also occasionally out of it, where we pause and think about why one book works for us and another doesn’t.
I journal too, sometimes in the morning with a TBD list, often in the day when a thought crosses my mind, rarely before bed to assess the day. I could do with a bit more consistency there.

Sometimes the things we feel should provide us the most meaning don’t… but generally, writing down every day minutiae is as draining as it is reviving. Do what you can and build from there.

I love these thoughts, mostly because they mirror mine right at the moment. I have found that very specific goals don’t work for me, but the idea of keystone habits works well.

Thanks, Rebecca. For me, this is a new thing to try, breaking years of indoctrination of “get it done” as opposed to “improve thyself so it’ll be easier to get things done”. Hopefully we’ll both find our balance and start stepping out in high style. 😀

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