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New Year, New…?

Posted on: January 2, 2018

First day of a new year…  well, if you follow the Georgian Calendar at least.  A lot of people are making resolutions, committing to personal improvement and other “good things” with all the best intentions.  There will be successes and failures, lots of small gains and a (hopefully) few losses.

Me?  I’m just setting short-term goals, mostly because the calendar I seem to be following most of the time these days is the schedule of The Round of Words in 80 Days.  So, this being also the first day of the new Round 1 of 2018, I probably should set my goals for the upcoming 12 weeks.  This way I will have some sort of update to post on Wednesday for the first official check-in of the Round.


Actually, these are my goals solely for the next few weeks.  Until January 12th, I’m going low-key.  It’s a…  thing.  I’ll update my main goals then,

For now, my goals are…

  • 750words.com every single day
  • posting consistent check-ins for the ROW80 site
  • checking in once a week at each of my blogs
  • participating in the WIPpet, SoCS, and WeWriWa writing challenges
  • bring back the #FirstFridayPhoto meme…  I miss it
  • find a way for to combine and connect this blog with Many Worlds Many Minds

That’s it.  A good start, I think…

5 Responses to "New Year, New…?"

Thanks for including SoCS in your goal, Eden. 😀 All the best for the new year.

Thanks, Linda. I’ve only participated in the SoCS a few times now, but I’ve found it to be inspiring and generally good fun. A nice way to explore creativity… Thank you for hosting it.

Hi Eden! Excellent goals, and I actually learned a lot, I had no idea that most of these writing groups were available. I like 750words.com, it sounds like a great way to get writing. I have yet to check out the writing challenges you mentioned, but I will 🙂

Thanks, Jo Ann. Glad I can provide bits of inspiration where possible.

If you are interested in 750words, there’s also Penzu, a similar style website. I like 750 because of the word analysis and the life-time of storage. Which reminds me… I need to renew my cups there. 😉

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