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A Sunday–Friday Thing

Posted on: January 7, 2018

Consistency has been my main goal this year and especially this Round of Words in 80 Days session.  Given that common wisdom these days suggests 66 days is the average time to make a habit stick, I guess having a few extra buffer days is a good thing.  I haven’t exactly set records out the starting gate any year before this.

Nor have I this year…

Of my main goals, I’m only kicking off on three of my four cylinders, and with this cold—not just the sub-zero temps and fierce windchill outside, but the knock-me-off-my-feet-make-the-whole-world-look-funky-and-fevery beast that had me bundled up for the past two days—getting the engine going has been harder and harder.  Stalling out is an ever-present concern.

So, it’s with some relief I can say I’m still making steady progress toward most of the goals I set at the beginning of the month.  I missed two days of 750words.com (Thursday was a pen & paper day at Panera with a friend, and Friday was the in-bed-no-computer sort), but even with those misses, I’ve rediscovered my joy of free-writing and on-page musing the site offers me.

The blogging isn’t exactly where I want it to be—I still need to update the pages for our ROW80 sponsors and set up the new sponsor post.  As for figuring out how to merge Many Worlds (where most of my writing samples and art exist) with here is…  waiting.

One thing I don’t want to wait too far on…. returning to my photography.  Even if I’m not taking new pictures, I have a ton of images to process and organize.  Some of these I want to share…

So I am starting up the First Friday Photo bloghop again.  The linky froggie (below or in the sidebar, either one works) will be open for the month.  The actual posts go live on the first Friday of each month.  In the case of this session, the posting day will be Feb 2.  The linky will close the day before.

Anyone and everyone is welcome to join in.  This isn’t a contest…  just a way to share a bit of love to the art of pictures.  Here are some of my past entries: #FirstFriday

That’s about it…  for today.  😀

10 Responses to "A Sunday–Friday Thing"

Awww…I hope you’re feeling better soon, Eden. It’s important to be patient with yourself, especially when you aren’t feeling up to your usual self. You’ll be back on track in no time, I’m sure!

I love your idea of the First Friday bloghop. I enjoy posting pictures on my site, I call it my Daily Walk. I’d planned on posting a photo a day, but it’s usually only once a week. Maybe I should add my link?


Thank you, Jo-Ann, both for you visit and your kind words. I’d be delighted if you wished to join in for the First Friday Photo. Feel free to add your link whenever you wish. 🙂

Wonderful…I will do that!

Oh, no, you have that awful cold/flu that’s going around! My husband had it, and it took him about five days before he was over it. Hope you are soon! And great job getting any writing in at all.

Thanks, Jennette. It’s definitely a nasty, lingering thing, but I’m laying low and taking things “mostly easy”. These are the days to get reading and blogging done.

Sounds like you’re doing much better. That’s good to hear. Hopefully this bitter cold will back off and give us just plain cold weather.

I’ve reached the “everything is draining and we’re running out of tissues” stage… So yes, definitely better. A bit more annoying, but better. And the cold outside seems to have backed off too… so onto outings and fresh air and all good things. 🙂

Glad you’re feeling better. I think I have a First Friday photo to share, but it’s going to be the bittersweet sort.

I’m glad you’re getting back to your photography in any sense.

Thanks, Shan. I would love it if you wished to participate in the First Friday Photo, no matter what the subject matter of your post is. Bittersweet does seem to be the state of life right now, and there are some things that just need to be said and shown, made real for now and the future.

[…] linking this post up with the First Friday Photo bloghop hosted by Eden Mabee. Please drop by her blog and have a look around and leave your link in the linky if you wish to […]

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