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Another Week

Posted on: January 11, 2018

Another Wednesday…

Time for another…

2018 ROW80 Check-in WWW Wednesday


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You can see I am making serious progress on that old consistency thing…

First things last and last things first, let’s go with WWW Wednesday where, according to the rules of the bloghop, I need to answer three main questions:

What are you currently reading?
What did you recently finish reading?
What do you think you’ll read next?

Currently? I’m still slowly plowing through Gun, Germs, and Steel by Jared Diamond.  I appreciate Diamond’s intelligence, and I enjoy the actual subject matter, but…  maybe my head just isn’t in it at the moment.  Sometimes I really just want to dive into escapism and mystery, and I have a lot of that on my reading list of late.  I’m also reading Haunt Couture and Ghosts Galore by Rose Pressey.  I can’t even say why to be honest.  I read the first two books of the series and liked them “enough”, but didn’t feel I loved them.  But here I am reading #3.  It’s kind of like the Charlie Plato books, I think.  I like just-enough-to-keep-going in them.

Recently? I finished Thursdays at Eight by Debbie Macomber.  It was a revelation.  I totally understand now about how she became a bestselling author.  It’s called a romance, and it is…  but the love interest was Life Itself.  A tale of four women and life…  I really enjoyed it.  Also, I decided to surrender to my inner mule and read that second book in Margaret Chittenden’s Charlie Plato mysteries: Dean Men Don’t Dance.  It was hard to get into, but I guess the heroine, Charlie, is growing on me.  And Monday evening, I finished The Chocolate Cat Caper by JoAnna Carla, a cozy with lots of chocolate trivia interspersed between the covers.  Oh, and a very gorgeous cat named Yonkers…

Next?  It’s pretty sad.  I can repeat my last week list because I moved a bunch of new books into their places: still have the next Molly Murphy mystery Death of Riley, Dear Life by Alice Munro, and the other eight books waiting for me at the library.  Never made it there.  First the weather didn’t hold out, and then I got sick.  It’s where I’m heading as soon as this gets posted.

*Update…  there were eleven books waiting for me, two of which were 600+ page books by Caleb Carr.  Yeah…  I’ve got some reading to do.

Now as far as my ROW80 progress is going…  pretty much good stuff.  Not a lot of new fiction…  I’m actually going to have a problem writing a WIPpet Wednesday post on Many Worlds because I’ve written so little except mind-dumping into 750words.  I didn’t write there on Monday and only wrote 600 of the words yesterday, but in all, more days than not came with some words.

The words weren’t story related, but I do see places where I might eventually evolve the feelings and ideas into characters or their reactions.  My husband and I have also been having some wonderful discussions about characters in shows we like to watch and some books we’ve traded.  It’s interesting to see how his perception of an event and mine differ and how what we believe is “normal” sometimes seems way off from what the writers seem to think it should be.

I’m starting to see why I used to get critiques that said “Why would she do that?  No one would do that!”; all the while I was thinking…  I have, or that I knew someone who did.


And that is a topic for another day.  Saturday, to be exact, since our local RWA Chapter is hosting a World Building discussion at the East Greenbush library.  Hoping I can go, but it depends..  my son is participating in Future City at his school, and the local competition is happening this Saturday morning until late afternoon.  There’s a future city idea…  a way to safely clone one’s self just long enough to be in two places at one time and not harm the clone person in the returning of the mind/memories to the original person.  I have a feeling that idea is a long time in coming.

If you could design your perfect futuristic self, what would one thing you could do then be?

14 Responses to "Another Week"

I used to participate in WWW Wednesday, but I’ve started doing mini-reviews on my website instead.

The Future City thing sounds really cool.

I don’t think I ever saw one of your WWW Wednesday posts, Erin. HOW? Who did I miss that? It’s a fun experience, but I may make my posts once a month, since just prepping the posts is taking away from writing and blogging time. That and the fact I’m not a big fan of reviewing books these days. Too much seems to depend on them (It’s like surveys… I never do them anymore, because so many companies are giving their employees grief if the surveys don’t come out as all 5 stars). Besides, I generally like to be surprised by what I read.

Future City is a pretty cool project for kids. This is my son’s first year, and while I’m not convinced that he was quite as involved as he could have been, it was also his first year at the school (or even AT school, since he’d been homeschooled so long beforehand) that it’s great he’s trying so many neat things.

It’s been a really long time since I’ve done them…:checks: Ah, since 2013. 😉

Ah, that explains it. 😀

Well, you know it’s still around then if you ever decide to jump in again.

Wow, Eden! You’re busy! Thinking and talking about characters and how they evolve is a great idea and gets you thinking about ways to handle different characters when you write about them.


No busier than anyone else… (truth be told, I often feel like a slacker when it comes to some of the people I know, but yeah, talking with the spouse a fun way to be a slacker, especially when I can relate it to writing somehow 😉 )

Fun way to be a slacker…lol!

I love discussing writing ideas with my husband. He didn’t use to like my writing, but I guess I’ve changed enough over the years that he reads it now.
Sounds like you’re staying busy. Keep up the good work!

My husband still doesn’t read much of my writing, but when he does, it’s always a lot of fun discussing things afterward. Mostly we discuss other people’s work.

Thanks, Wendy. You too!

[…] It’s Thursday, so definitely more than time for me to get this post made. It’s all last-minute writing and planning, as you may be able to guess, given what I had to say for my ROW80 check-in on my other blog. […]

Your clone idea might work for me. I’d need more than one clone, though. One to do the blogging and studying, one to do the writing, and another to exercise, clean, hang with family and friends. Oh, and maybe two clones to work on iMovie clips, figure out what to do, and take the time to research what I’m doing wrong. I’ll be waiting for your solution to merging the clones back into the original.

Or instead of the clone idea, maybe slow time down and give me a shot of energy. That might be a lot easier, don’t you think? Good luck with all your books and good luck to your son with future city!

The problem I see with the idea of clones, Lynn, is that each one is a distinct human being with just that slight bit of different experiences from my own, enough to make them unique… kind of like identical twins.

That said… I am almost afraid of what I might do with more energy and time. There is just so very much I want to do and see and experience…. I totally get the idea of elves and Timelords and other such fantastical beings. To be able to live for so very long and experience so much… it sounds dreamy. And a bit terrifying.

Thanks, for visiting

I used to use 750words back when I was writing. Such a great resource – no pressure, an easy goal that can be accomplished in a few minutes, but really helped me develop a regular schedule for writing. Haven’t written in ages, although I have two manuscripts in progress collecting dust somewhere.

Good luck with your reading and writing this week!

Thanks, Denise. I wish I could say I’ve acquired a regular writing habit through sites like 750words, but no. It’s a process though, and who knows what the future might bring with added determination and discipline. 🙂

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