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Posted on: January 18, 2018

Yet Another…

2018 ROW80 Check-in WWW Wednesday


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As is becoming the trend, first things last and last things first, the WWW Wednesday where, according to the rules of the bloghop, I need to answer three main questions:

What are you currently reading?
What did you recently finish reading?
What do you think you’ll read next?

Currently?  An odd mix here…  I just started an ARC of Jenna Jaxon’s To Woo a Wicked Widow.  I’m also almost done with Book #4 of the Victoria Thompson Gaslight mysteries Murder on Mulberry Bend.  And I’m delving into Cathedrals of England by Sir Nicholas Pevsner.  It’s an odd passion of mine…

Recently? I’ve set aside Gun, Germs, and Steel by Jared Diamond.  I just took on a beta read and an ARC (above) that I need to prioritize, and it’s a library book.  It’s back into my TBR list for another time.  Of course, I have indulged in a fair amount of escapism, having finished Haunt Couture and Ghosts Galore by Rose Pressey.  By the end, I was actually glad I’d read the book, and definitely looking for the next one.  However, since I couldn’t find it (even at the local Barnes & Noble), I jumped into Victoria Thompson’s Gaslight series and plowed through books #3 and #4 (Murder on Granmercy Park and Murder on Washington Square.

Next? Let’s see, I have my beta read (sooper sekret! 😉 )to do, plus the next Molly Murphy mystery Death of Riley.  Though  went through another short in Dear Life by Alice Munro, I’m not sure I call it in my “I am reading” list because of where my head is right now.  I also picked up Tête-à-tête by Hazel Rowley at one of the local used bookstores because a glimpse of a few pages intrigued.

 My ROW80 progress has been bit less inspiring.  My 750words.com word counts are slowly increasing (averaging about 600, so I’m not on track yet, but the creative ideas are flying fast and furious).  In keeping with my theme of consistency (and because this was my week off from the Weekend Writing Warriors blog hop) I’ve posted a WIPpet Wednesday post on Many Worlds and done my best to offer some thought-provoking posts to the ROW80 blog for our check-ins.  I’m still trying to figure out the exact rhythm our writing community performs best at now that I’ve taken over the blog from Kait Nolan.

I’ve also started work toward my upcoming First Friday Photo post.  This morning offered several of those remarkable post-snowstorm captures…  and one (though not my best shot) was of a gorgeous murder of crows I saw on the drive to bring my son to school (no buses were running today).   I love crows.  Last Friday we had one sitting on our deck.  Squee!

That’s it, I guess.  Signing off from my “office” at the Glenmont Applebee’s…

6 Responses to "Wednesday… Stuff"

An inspiring balance of writing, reading, and connecting to what you love! Just FYI, I read Jared Diamond’s GG&S,loved the theories, but found them a little repetitive once past the first half of the book, so you can just safely set it aside for all those other projects and TBRs. I’m also working with 750words.com daily, but not so sure it helps with actually writing scenes in context as the site presents a blank sheet. Today went well because I had a clear scene in mind. I hope the rest of the week “keeps those creative ideas flying”!

Oh! Thanks for the update on GG&S. I always feel a bit guilty if I can’t finish a book, but time is just not there right now.

I know what you mean about 750words. If you don’t have a starting point, it can be hard to find your rhythm. Of course, it can also be why it works… because it doesn’t direct you in any way either. :-/

I’m not very familiar with any of the books on this list. Which is why I absolutely love WWW Wednesday a chance to really discover new books! 😍 You seem very into mysteries, for a novice like yours truly what titles would you suggest?

Exactly! That’s what I’m finding the most fun about the WWWWednesdays too. I’ve been dipping into all sorts of genres and titles because of this group.

I do like mysteries (I was the classic Nancy Drew fan.. though I truly like the non-bowdlerized versions from the 1930s as opposed to the more “polite” rewrites ). This recent tumble of Victorian era cozies however is a result of some fun discussions with my librarian (we chat a LOT).

Do you have an era or style that appeals to you? Some fun contemporaries I read last year (these actually got me back into a cozy-kick):

If you like a more Victorian style: check out Anne Perry’s books. The Thomas and Charlotte Pitt stories are lighter in mood and a bit more romantic than the William Monk ones, and the “Christmas mysteries” are gentler too, but all delightful reads.

To go back even further in history (and this was also a nice television show) there are the Brother Cadfael mysteries.

If you want something a bit more Sam Spade, gritty… look toward Mary Burton’s books, PD James.

(My grandmother made me a mystery reader way back in the 1970s… been there since. Sorry for the infodump)

I can’t say I have any specific interests no. I did thoroughly enjoy the girl with the Dragon tattoo trilogy and I am also a fan of Sherlock Holmes in theory…its weird I’m obsessed with serial killers…any like that?

Don’t apologize I love it! Plus usually when I ask I only get a title or two, I’ll look into Anne Perry

Glad I was able to help then. Definitely look into Anne Perry’s works, and if you like her, go for the Victoria Thompson’s I’m reading right now (similar style set in NYC instead of London).

Another fun contemporary cozy author you may/may-not like is Denise Swanson…

Oh, though, just to warn you: these are all long series.

Oh! And Liz Lipperman’s Dead Sister series has been a fun read. A little dark, but… different too.

I think reading murder mysteries is a great way to “process” death, personally.

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