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Shoulda, Coulda

Posted on: January 25, 2018

I could have written my ROW80 (and my WWW Wednesday) check-in yesterday.  Instead…  I hit the library almost first thing in the morning, and by the time 6:30pm had passed, I’d already read the next of the Victoria Thompson Gaslight Mysteries that I’d picked up and had started the next one (I have 15 pages left on that).

Clearly, I’ve been on a huge reading binge lately.

Not so much a writing one.  Except for my blogging progress and a few new words on Courting and Marche (the 1st and 3rd books of the Swan Song Series), I haven’t written much of anything.  Haven’t even touched 750words since last Wednesday.  Have opened Scrivener and looked through stuff, read some research articles…

And had a lot of sick-kid and now kid-school related things to deal with since last Thursday night.

I could have written my post yesterday, but I needed to escape a bit.  And while reading about NYC murders in the late 1890s might not seem like escapism…  it was a divine one.

I have another six books fresh from the library waiting for me, calling my name.

I probably should have written those posts.  But I didn’t.

I did write this one.

4 Responses to "Shoulda, Coulda"

I’m right there with you on thinking I should have written a WIPpet post. I didn’t even write a RoW80 post, or checked in with my online academic writing group.
I did pick up the first of the Gaslight mysteries, and am hooked, darn you!

It is a bit addictive… (I have a few more series I could recommend.)

Seasonal slumps… or is it something more? I wonder.

Sometimes taking a little break is good for the soul, Eden especially when you have sick kiddos and school stuff to contend with. That’s life for ya. One day at a time!

Too true! Though, a few weeks later, I’m wondering if plowing tugh might not have been the wiser choice. Now I have to begin again…

But, as you say, that’s life for you.

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