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Posted on: July 7, 2018

This looks cool… Follow their main page to see how the dig is progressing.

Newgrange Farm Excavations

Only archaeological excavation can establish the nature of this underground feature


Neolithic Cursus?

Cursus monuments are Neolithic structures (between 3400 and 3000 BC) consisting of parallel ditches or trenches, ranging in length from 46m to 9.7km). The distance between the earthworks can be up to 91m (the Newgrange Farm example is 29m wide). Over fifty have been identified from aerial photography and geophysical survey in Britain and Ireland. The best known example is the Stonehenge cursus (pictured), within sight of the more famous henge monument. The best known cursus in Ireland is the ‘Banqueting hall’ at Tara that runs up the hill to the passage tomb known as the ‘Mound of the hostages’. Another cursus is located immediately to the east of Newgrange passage tomb. Cursuses usually follow astronomical alignments and served as buffer zones between ceremonial and occupation landscapes. If this site is a cursus, it would have been…

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