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Becoming More Accountable

Posted on: January 1, 2019

It may seem weird for me to be posting my ROW80 Goals Post here, when really, I know I won’t be posting on this blog much.  There are things I want to get to here, such as bringing back the First Friday Photo posts because of the fun I had posting them (though the hassle lately of getting photos off my Canon onto the computer hasn’t made things that much fun) and trying out the new thing Shan Jeniah has planned (Try It Tuesdays).

Those things I will be posting here when I get to them…  hopefully by March since our move to New Jersey should be finished by then.  As well as my goals posts at the beginnings of each ROW80 round.  The writings, the WIPpets and snippets…  until I figure out how I want to arrange a real “writer’s website 😉 , I’ll continue to post those at my other blog Many Worlds From Many Minds.  It’s a homelike space for me, my first blog, yadda yadda.  Not really professional, but home.

Anyway, ROW80 Goals…  That’s why I’m here today.

Well, sort of…  Actually, I’m going to follow a bit of advice from Scott Adams here on success:

The language matters…  and yet it doesn’t.  Goals are good things a long as they aren’t the purpose or the end in themselves.  The ROW80 is a writing challenge that “knows you have a life”.  So any  goals I’ve got here are dedicated to supporting that, in the way that the risers on stairs help support the steps I’ll be making.

There is one goal though…  one goal to rule them all (1) (2).

To live a creative, interested and inspired life full of friends, loved ones, and shared passions

To achieve that, I have steps I will follow, not only for this Round of Words, but throughout the year and beyond.


Since the ROW80 is a writing challenge, I put this first, but all these steps matter.

  • continue to write, explore and develop the Fanqtia-verse (the conglomeration of worlds and histories that envelop the stories I write)
  • finish a the first draft of one book in the Swan Song Series (yea…ah, I haven’t actually decided which one yet, but I have narrowed the choice down to two: Courting or Singer)
  • blog WIPpet Wednesday posts
  • bi-weekly check-in posts to the ROW80 blog

Blogging/Social Media

Putting this here since it follows on the heels of my last two targets

  • visit and comment on the blogs of fellow ROWers once a week
  • participate in activities or discussions once a week on FB, Twitter or some social outlet
  • have the ROW80 website fully updated for 2019 by the close of Round 1

Heart and Hearth

Where the living really happens…

  • finish packing for our move in March
  • daily “us time” with hubby and kidlet
  • make time to connect with distant family at least once a month
  • daily physical activity wherever I am and a once-a-week workout at the gym

Developed Inspirations

  • weekly art — I’d originally thought to work on a drawing a day, but the truth is, doing this I’ve created a bunch of unfinished pieces that I’m not happy with; this way exploring details and techniques will be easier to do, and I should be able to finish a few.  I may even continue working on a piece longer than a week, focusing on a new section, if it is a larger piece.
  • photography  — go through my accumulated photos, edit and post a few online (various places)
  • MOOCS and other classes — one per round (this round’s goal is to finish my class on Life and Times of Richard the III)
  • read at least one fiction and one non-fiction book a month

I think this combination will allow me a fair amount of time for growth and exploration while allowing time for the extras that not only make life worth living, but those extras that aren’t exactly asked for.

For check-ins, I’ll post a note in my Wednesday WIPpet post with a link here saying whether I made progress or not, only noting details if they involve a completed goal or a change of focus.  For the Sunday check-ins, I’ll be commenting on the ROW80 blog.

The next ROW80 post I’ll make here will be my goals for Round 2, but I’ll see you here before that for a First Friday Photo in January.

  1. One Goal to Rule Them All (jessicaabel.com)
  2. One Goal To Rule Them All (www.jdmoyer.com)

14 Responses to "Becoming More Accountable"

Great goals, Eden! I’ve been meaning to get back into First Photo Friday. Here’s hoping to a creative round for both of us!

Cool!. I’d love it if you’d be interested in joining me for a First Friday Photo tomorrow, Erin. Not accessing that creative side of myself has been a bit soul-crunching. I’d like to fix it, and if you’ve felt the same, I’d love to share the renewal with you… as you say, a creative round!

I have the same issue. I’ve been neglecting photography for so long for various reasons. I’d love to join in if I can. 🙂

I’m setting up the linky right now. It should be active to post all weekend. I’ll be making my link live soon as well.

This will be the linky:


Good goals, and well thought out. Good luck 🙂

It seems you are ready to start this round running. Best of luck!

Running? Probably not running. But boldly strolling forth, sure. 🙂

I like this post. I watched the video and read the first linked post.

Seems like a good approach with the move so close. And a wonderful goal – anytime!

I find I almost instinctively rebel the finer I try to tune my progress. So, I’m trying to work with a broader-edged brush this round. The main “goal” is one I’ve held for a long time. I’m just articulating it. The steps? They may vary.

And that video… it’s opened a chasm lately in how I feel I would best reach that goal.

My steps vary from week to week. It helps to set it up that way, so I can adjust as needed.

For instance, there are already two points I need to adapt, because, as I originally conceived them, they aren’t going to work for me.

May the broader brush help.

Good luck with all your goals and moving Eden!

Thank, Julie. It’s going to be an adventure. 🙂

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