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Some Re-Assessment Required

Posted on: January 7, 2019

Just a drawing of a mouse, under a mushroom

What did Burns say about the best laid plans of mice and men?

Nah, doesn’t quite apply…  Truth is, I wasn’t as ready for this Round of Words in 80 Days as I’d hoped I would be when it started last Monday.   I had a vague direction in mind, and some things I wanted to achieve, but really…  I only knew what my “one goal” was:

To live a creative, interested and inspired life full of friends, loved ones, and shared passions

The rest was pretty much up in the air.  And some of it still is. Some wise fellow RoWers reminded me that I don’t need to plan my whole year in advance, and that even if I do have a plan, plans can (and should) change to suit what I need to achieve that one main goal.

So, here is my revised set of goals…  most are the same as I posted last week.  The changes are in pink or struck out.


The ROW80 is a writing challenge, so… I will:

  • continue to write, explore and develop the Fanqtia-verse (the conglomeration of worlds and histories that envelop the stories I write)
  • finish a the first draft of one book in the Swan Song Series (yea…ah, I haven’t actually decided which one yet, but I have narrowed the choice down to two: Courting or Singer)
    I realized that with the upcoming move, this was too ambitious. I will simply work on these stories as I can, at least one day a week
  • blog WIPpet Wednesday posts
  • bi-weekly check-in posts to the ROW80 blog

Blogging/Social Media

  • visit and comment on the blogs of fellow ROWers once a week
  • participate in activities or discussions once a week on FB, Twitter or some social outlet
  • have the ROW80 website fully updated for 2019 by the close of Round 1

Heart and Hearth

Where the living really happens…

  • finish packing for our move in March
  • daily “us time” with hubby and kidlet
  • make time to connect with distant family at least once a month
  • daily physical activity wherever I am and a once-a-week workout at the gym

Developed Inspirations

  • weekly art — I’d originally thought to work on a drawing a day, but the truth is, doing this I’ve created a bunch of unfinished pieces that I’m not happy with; this way exploring details and techniques will be easier to do, and I should be able to finish a few. I may even continue working on a piece longer than a week, focusing on a new section, if it is a larger piece. I revised this to include other forms of artistic expression including “adult coloring” (Mom gave me six books for my birthday); the goal as always been artistic exploration, after all.
  • photography — go through my accumulated photos, edit and post a few online (various places)
  • MOOCS and other classes — one per round (this round’s goal is to finish my class on Life and Times of Richard the III)
  • read at least one fiction and one non-fiction book a month

I think this combination will allow me a fair amount of time for growth and exploration while allowing time for the extras that not only make life worth living, but those extras that aren’t exactly asked for.

For check-ins, I’ll post a note in my Wednesday WIPpet post with a link here saying whether I made progress or not, only noting details if they involve a completed goal or a change of focus. For the Sunday check-ins, I’ll be commenting on the ROW80 blog.

And since it is check-in time, how did I do this week in general?  Pretty good, I’d say.  No new drawing, but I did color and explore some new photo-editing techniques in Photoshop.  I need to log back in and refresh myself on my Richard the III class.  The rest…  making strides.

14 Responses to "Some Re-Assessment Required"

Wow, you have a lot going on! Makes sense to pull back on the goals a bit. What you have left is still ambitious with a move in the middle of it, but you can do it! Good that you make a point of including family time goals and photography/art as well as writing. Congrats on a great first week, and keep it up!

Thanks, Jennette. It’s life… you know that the juggle can be managed,. It’s management, but that’s no bad thing. Creativity can thrive when it’s nurtured in the right environment. Of course… that’s part of why I have those family and artistic time goals 🙂

Your goals seem ambitious but reachable. Having room to adapt your goals will make them easier to complete. Have fun this week!

I do worry that they might be too ambitious. But yep, there’s always room for adaptation. 🙂

Revising downward is a good way to learn where the natural arc of effort/focus/time available can carry you. It’s something I’m very gradually learning, too…and life can do interesting things right in the middle of goals that change everything – or lots of things.

Little mousie looks a bit like a pinup with that extended leg. Adorable!

I have been thinking of picking up my adult coloring books again. I have a mandala one (or two), plus one with a stained glass effect that are all quite wonderful and soothing – meditative. Might be the perfect way for me to ease back into my meditative practice.

Looks like you’re getting a firmer sense of where you want to go. This is a good thing! =D

Those stained glass-effect coloring books make me happy when I do them. I should peek back in the one I’d been working on (I find Sharpie markers do a good job, especially if I do both sides of the picture). Thanks for reminding me about them, Shan

Lise loves her Sharpies. I’m fonder of gel pens.

I haven’t had good luck so far with gel pens… They tend to clog on me or leak. Which kind of bums me out, since the colors are so vivid.

One of my artist friends recommended a French art marker (I’ll ask her again for the name). The intensity of the colors and the durability of the point… She and her husband are actually furries too. She used to make and sell badge art at AnthroCon in the Artist’s Alley

Several ROW writers mentioned Just Jot It January last week, and I’ve found that to be inspirational in getting words down . . . and your idea of drawing at least once a week is another way to inspire creativity, for does it matter exactly what we draw or write as much as how we find a way into developing, expressing, and developing our own ideas? I hope your move goes smoothly. We just moved 2 months ago, and it feels like we’re still settling in. Be gentle. May good words and images come your way.

I’ve looked at things like Just Jot It… it seems good on paper, but really, my plate feels just the right amount of busy as it is. Definitely something to consider for the future.

I keep hearing that about moves… for that matter, I’m finding boxes in prep for this move that I hadn’t unpacked from our last one. :-/

I really love your one goal. I hope 2019 brings you all that and more.

Thanks, Cate. It seems silly to chase around, trying to follow steps in a process if I’m not sure of my final destination. These days, if I don’t see how a goal can get me to the One Goal, I tend to de-prioritize it

Woohoo for adjusting to keep things real and doable.

It’s a balancing act.

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