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First Friday Photos on the 1st

Posted on: February 1, 2019

Actually, none of these photos were taken on the first of any month (I actually took them last September).  But I’d been going through and trying to sort some of the stuff I’d finally uploaded from my camera to the server and saw these shots from our trip England last fall.  We were staying at a farmhouse in the Yorkshire Moors (and if you’re ever heading there, msg me and I’ll tell you the place, because we had a great time) and we took a daytrip toward Helmsley because I’d wanted to see the town we’d only breezed past during our prior trip.

I got some time in the town as a trade-off with my son, on the condition that we go back to Rievaulx Abbey.   The Boodle had loved the ruins during our last visit and was quite insistent that we would go.  So we headed out…

On our way out we found this great marker in the moors where some hikers were heading off:

Then we had lunch.  The Boodle had his usual gamon steak while I went for the Ploughman’s.  It was too much food and so easy to overdo on.

After that, we checked out All Saint Church, Helmsley and Helmsley Castle, plus enjoyed tea in the Helmsley Walled Garden and made some friends with a few local horses. But a promise was a promise, so we headed out the abbey.

We were in for a treat.

English Heritage was holding a three-day event at the abbey, called Illuminating Rievaulx.  Colored lights and sounds set up throughout the ruins set off details that normally didn’t show.  We couldn’t actually stay for the show (the day we’d come, a storm was due—it actually started as we drove out of the valley—and we had to get to our farmhouse before 8pm when the gate got locked… not that I really wanted to drive through the moors in the dark during a storm anyway).  We still got some amazing shots of the setup and some great discussion with the performers.

Heading into the Abbey

Storm Approaching

Perspective… those doorways up there? I COULD walk through them, that’s how big those columns are

Lights before dark….

In all, an amazing full day of discoveries…

All of these photos, save for the one of our meal, were taken on a Canon G5.  The meal was taken on a Samsung Note5 phone camera.

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