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Today’s a hard one.  As fellow challenge poet said in her piece The Cure, how does one write freely and not write as one’s self?  I’m still a bit stumped, but I’m willing to wing it and see what happens.


For those interested in joining in, there’s still time on the linky.  The “rules” as they are, are here: Poets on the Page Day 3


Image taken from page 133 of 'The Cure of Soul...

Image taken from page 133 of ‘The Cure of Souls. A novel’ (Photo credit: The British Library)




voices murmur,
doors slam,
a phone rings.

I sit,
in my chair,
alone in our room
my tea is nearly finished
so I set it down instead.
I want to stay here.

It’s too loud down there
with your television show
raging on
as you type away
on your computer
but not.


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I don’t know how long I’ll continue posting these pieces–certainly for the rest of the week of the Poets on the Page challenge.  As I said: the words need.

For day two, Julie Jordan Scott asked people to choose five things they could see from the vantage point of their reading the original challenge post (at least that’s the impression I took from the post).  Then we were to choose one to write a poem about without naming it.

Of my five items (the Green Man, a peacock feather, fossils, rough wood paneling, and old ribbons from chocolate boxes), only one called out for a poem today:

So cold to touch
you warm
I trace you
slowly inward.

The saw laid bare youth,
old age,
left points and sharp edges,
bands of color to abraid my fingers.

Now you shine, polished,
smooth peaks,
miniature valleys of ice.

Were you ever so warm
when you yet lived?

If you’d like to see a picture of my inspiration, click here.  Oddly enough, it’s been almost a year since I posted a piece featuring this on my writing blog Many Worlds Many Minds.

Normally I don’t post here the way I probably should, but the sweet Julie Jordan Scott is  running a mini poetry challenge this week, and I felt I needed to join in. The words …want.

So here is my short poem (no form used) for Day 1 of the February Mini-Challenge of Poets on the Page:

seeing placement,
red from the effort
of standing by,
as so many have passed

Image and linky to join up are on the Mini-Challenge page.

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