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Four People and Their Pictures

In no particular order here, I would like to introduce you to four people all of whom have inspired me with their photography and creative passion.  Oh, yes, and their genuine friendliness.  These people have helped me understand more about what makes a picture a good picture than any book on photography I’ve ever read (though I confess that I seldom put their suggestions to good use).   Add the fact that they are just neat people anyway, and…  well, I hope you can understand my desire to showcase them.

Sher Knapp Hogue

Longwood by Sher Hogue

Longwood by Sher Hogue

I’ve never been privileged to meet Sher Hogue in real life.  I met her on Facebook via her friendship with Anne Galante and several pictures that Anne commented on.  Sher has a talent for taking the real world and giving it a mystical property in her use of shadows and lighting.  Colors in many of her images, colors often faded and washed out, give a flair to the photos I admire most of her work.  However, she has a far more diverse repertoire than evocative scenes of history.  Her portraits have a sense of softness, a sense of history being made–again, her use of light and shadow.  An underlying romance fills almost everything of hers I’ve seen.  I chose Longwood to highlight her work because it epitomizes (to me) the effect of light and shadow that I see in Sher’s work.  As well it appeals to my macabre delight in the old, death and our own mortality.  Not sure that’s what Sher intended, but she does seem to have found a niche in cemetery photographs that bring a sense of magic to the world of the dead.

Ami Wilber-Mosher

Broom and Green (name is my own guess) cred Ami Wilber-Mosher

Bedstraw and Green cred Ami Wilber-Mosher

I’ve known Ami as a casual friend since the early 90s; her brother is a long time friend (silly little factoid; her older brother and my husband were born the same day in the same hospital and went to school together for most of their lives).   Ami has an artistic edge to her.  I think it runs in the Wilber family, because they all have an eye for new and interesting interpretations of old  things, and Ami is the family prodigy in that respect.  If you are on Facebook, please check out her Fan Page and look not only at her photographs, but her drawings and her abstract pieces.  The image I chose to highlight her  photography here is possibly my favorite piece of her work (depends on the day really).  It’s rich, lush, green…  and it’s of a simple weed “Bedstraw”.  It’s exactly this sort of thing that Ami excels at…taking the common and making it unusual and dreamy.

Anne L. Galante

Kiss by Anne L. Galante

Kiss by Anne L. Galante

I met Anne on Facebook through a mutual friend with whom Id attended high school.  Anne’s “photo journal” style posts of her work as a doctor on some Native American reservations entranced me.  Almost all of  Anne’s photography highlights people.  Even when she’d taking pictures of the landscape, humanity fills her photos.  Even as simple a thing as cows in a field, a fence , or a grave marker, a bottle in the window…  Anne brings her awareness of people and her love of people into her pictures.    I chose Kiss because it defines this tendency by blatantly showing people existing and being, without showing them–another trend typical of Anne’s works (at least that’s my impression).

Dave Allen Photography

The Calm by Dave Allen; my personal favorite of his

The Calm by Dave Allen

Dave Allen and I went to high school together, but I only learned about his skill in photography from being friends on Facebook.  Focusing on the beauty of nature, particularly in the Blue Mountains near where he lives Dave’s work emphasizes intense colors.  You sense, as well as see the contrasts and details of every leaf, of every ripple in a waterfall or every wrinkle in the bark of a tree give.  Look at one of Dave’s pictures and you experience them; you live them.   I chose The Calm as my example of Dave’s work, partly because this piece (my personal favorite) isn’t typical of his work.  The soft pastels of the sky, and the sunlight reflected on the tree in gold against the white sand…  Dave’s photos often showcase trees and water but  in rich earthy tones of green, brown, gray and white .  The Calm stands out like an opal in a cache of rubies and emeralds.  (And it has an interesting story too: see it here on Flickr: The Calm)


Well, that’s it.  I hope you find something in the works of these people to admire as I have.  Go to their sites, check their other pieces.  They are all wonderful people, and I enjoyed sharing them with you.

3 Responses to "Four People and Their Pictures"

Lovely article Eden & aI nice bit of surprise this cold Jan morning. Thank you!

You are so welcome, Anne. I was delighted to be able to make this post to that you and my other inspirations for the way you have all helped me grow creatively. Sorry about the cold day, but it’s February now…. (I know, I have trouble with that one sometimes. 😀

OK, I know of all the others at least by name – but you’re driving me crazy. Who is Dave Allen, and why don’t I remember him….that photo is exquisite!

And Hi, Anne! POKE! (HA!)

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