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So here we are…  the 1st First Friday Photo a blog hop I started (today) to make sure I made time for photography, even just a bit a month.  The rules are simple to join in:

  • post a photo (one you took, please don’t post other people’s work) on your blog
  • include a link to the linky (so visitors can visit each other’s work)
  • add the link to your post to the above linky (so we can find your work)
  • visit other people’s posts
  • enjoy

I had to put that “enjoy” there.  Every time I open a package of instant ramen, I giggle because of that.  I mean, of course I am going to enjoy…  yummy ramen is, well, yummy.  😀

Anyway, to the photo…  After so many months of not shooting anything, suddenly I saw pictures I wanted to take everywhere.  I missed a lot of them.  Too slow adjusting the shutter speed or even waiting for my old G5 to turn back on…  But I caught a few.   I think this was my favorite of today’s shots.

Hooping at The Crossings

This girl was teaching a small group hooping tricks at a local playground. Really fun to watch.

As for the photo, my son had borrowed the camera earlier today, and I’d forgotten to check the settings before using it, so “Auto” mode.   The post-processing I did with Photoshop: cropping and some auto tone and color.


First Friday Photo

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