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Personal Harmonics?

Posted on: May 22, 2015

I’m a huge fan of growth, personal growth especially.  It’s often as uncomfortable as all get-out, but I’m almost always glad for the experience.

Growth always comes in stages.  We notice certain stages (or rather the effects of those stages) more than others.  The painful ones, the sudden ones…  they are more visceral than the quiet ones, the ones where our mind are slowly spinning or where little cellular processes at last trigger responses in our bodies that move the next process and then the next….

But these slow, near invisible steps always lead to the next Eureka moment, the point where change is impossible to ignore.

This week,  I found myself moving with more of those awkward , discomfort, inducing periods of growth.  Three blog posts in particular played the parts of those invisible triggers…  thoughtful pieces that made me step back from the chaos of day-to-day life and look at where I really was and how I’d gotten here.

And, they also, like most things that spark reactions…  they helped me see possibilities for the future.

These posts, in no particular order, are:

Out of all the wonderful posts on the web, I was drawn to these three.  They resonated.  Something within me vibrated, breaking through walls and accumulated layers of denial and fear.  They said “Respond; React, Change and Grow”, just as I’m sure the triggers that inspired their creation did.

I don’t know what form the change will take; things are still moving within my mind and body.  Something is happening…  I’m somewhat aquiver with anticipation.  Someplace new, changes that need to come so growth can occur the way it was meant.


Break through

As a side note: for my #OneGoodCup, daily I’ve made time for #OneGoodPet, a few moments of uninterrupted time with each of my cats, just petting, enjoying the purrs and the quiet space.  My cats love it, and so do I.  I don’t bring a notebook for the time (my hands are occupied), but my mind does wander and resettle itself into new ideas and patterns.  I’ve recorded some of these after the fact, some I’ve lost…  it’s okay though.  Tomorrow will come again.


9 Responses to "Personal Harmonics?"

Honored (and tickled) that my internal shakeup led to yours in any way…see? Symbiotic, that’s what we are, in a strange way that suits us, somehow…

I found August’s post powerful – and all too familiar. It’s led me to – to things, and realizations that, like yours, are at a level beneath language – a level of change…

I haven’t read Amy’s post yet, but I’m going to do that today, because I’m intrigued.

Here’s to growth, and excitement, and change….good change.

May you find the same joyful realizations in it that I did.

And yes… powerful on a level that is deeper than words. I’m still churning through thoughts and reflections that both your post and August’s inspired.

Two #onegoodcup sessions so far. Several journal pages filled; some coloring done.

I love how sharing can feed others, and then circle back and feed us more deeply, then spiral out…

That’s really, really cool!

And, because you shared, I found Amy’s wonderful idea, and it’s deepening me…and new ideas, which I’ll be sharing at least some of, as they rise to the level of language…

Glad I could share something “new” too. 😀

Cause of course you’ve never done that for me before!=D

Thanks for the lovely shout out, Eden! Shan’s and Amy’s really struck me, too. 🙂

Personal growth really gives a new meaning to “growing pains,” doesn’t it? So worth it, which is what I try and always remind myself during bumps.

You’re so very welcome, August. Thank you too. Growing pains are real things, and while they are uncomfortable to experience, I’m starting to appreciate their presence for the new stages in my life they bring.

[…] something wonderful happened. Someone who matters deeply to me took that post, and made it her own, blending with other ideas to create something new, something that’s hers, and not mine. It inspired her to grow and shift and look at her own […]

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